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Announcing Db2 Administration Foundation for z/OS

I’m very excited to tell you about a new offering for Db2 for z/OS administrators, announcing on June 8 th and generally available on June 18 th . Db2 Administration Foundation for z/OS delivers key management capabilities to support different Db2 for z/OS users. This cornerstone of the...

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DataStax and IBM partnership will scale the intelligence of your enterprise

IBM is expanding from its current DataStax Cloud offering to include a hybrid solution set addressing both private and public cloud environments in support of applications requiring Cassandra-based technology. #Highlights #Highlights-home #Featured-area-2 #Featured-area-2-home #Featured...

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Accessing the On Demand Webinar Library

Did you know there is an entire library of on demand webinars available to members of the Hybrid Data Management community? A few recently hosted webinar that are available for on demand viewing include: Db2 is Developer-inclusive This webinar details how enterprises can become...

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Db2 Version 11.5.4 Federation Performance Enhancements

Db2 11.5.4 (Nebula), the recently released version of Db2, includes five exciting Federation Performance enhancements. These new enhancements are: Federation Interpartition Parallelism; Federation Fetch Clause FFNR Pushdown; Federation NoSQL Wrapper Pushdown; Federation FMP...

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Blockchain Analytics-Simplified by SQL

Blockchain is an emerging technology that is gaining momentum across various industries. It is a distributed ledger which, when used by different peers involved in a business process, provides trust and immutability and consistency for the transactions among the peers without expensive data...

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Stay Informed and Connected - Attend the April 21st Webcast

Title: Maximizing mainframe value in today’s digital transformation The mainframe remains a strategic platform for many organizations. Its use has evolved and changed over years to keep pace with your business needs and growth. Learn how to maximize your investment in today’s digital...

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Data Integrity – The Hidden Requirement

Integrity! This story applies directly to databases. How often do we review our bank statements to ensure that our transactions are correct? We look for correct amounts and for erroneous transactions charged to our account. This is our personal check to ensure that our finances are correct,...

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Seeing is Believing: The Db2 Console Hands-On Lab is now Available

The new Db2 Console is not just a new user interface. It is a set of micro-services for Db2. It is built on a library of open RESTful APIs and a composable user interface. This new hands-on lab is free to access through a web browser. You will get the use of a 16GB, 8 CPU virtual machine with...

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Welcome to the Db2 for z/OS Community, new home of the Db2 for z/OS News from the Lab blog

Perhaps you've seen news about the sunset of the IBM developerWorks community platform at the end of 2019. I am happy that I can now share how you can continue following the latest news from the IBM experts who design, build, test, and support Db2 for z/OS, here in the new Db2 for z/OS...

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Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS Version 7.5 - Generally Available!

Now Generally Available IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator Version 7.5! The latest version of the Db2 Analytics Accelerator, which delivers the highly anticipated Integrated Synchronization capability, is now generally available. The Db2 Analytics...

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