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Starter help for SQL PL

  • 1.  Starter help for SQL PL

    Posted Thu June 18, 2020 01:47 PM
    I have considerable experience in Oracle PL/SQL and now I am in a DB2 on zOS project.
    So far I understand, that SQL PL is the tool, you would want to use for writing programs with a lot of data manipulation. Right?

    Where do I start, besides the IBM onine documentation? May you can recommend a good book or two?

    And a more concrete question: in Oracle we had the concept of an "anonymous PL/SQL block", which is PL/SQL code, which can run against the database, without being stored in it (unlike stored procs or user defined funcs), kind of as scripts.

    I thought I have seen something like this in DB2, is it called "SQL block"? Is there a similar concept? How do you structure it? I find very little documentation about it? And I find no documentation on how to run it using the IBM data studio.

    Appreciate any helpful thought.

    Xenofon Grigoriadis