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SDSNSAMP suffix for Db2 12

  • 1.  SDSNSAMP suffix for Db2 12

    Posted Tue October 27, 2020 09:18 AM
    Good day,
        Can anyone tell me where the suffix FL501 for SDSNSAMP comes from?
    I see the suffix field on the DSNTIPA1 panel. And for some of our Db2 12 subsystems, the value contains FL501 or FL501.NW.
    These are subsystems where we have activated function level 501, but I don't believe we manually supplied either suffix.
    These may have been subsystems where we experimented with generating the install jobs through zosmf. 
    But I can't find any doc of this being generated.

    Any wisdom on this?
    thank you

    Dave Seibert
    database philosopher king