SPSS Statistics

  • 1.  Color problem

    Posted Wed October 27, 2021 08:53 AM

    I am trying to create a before and after plot with 32 paired samples. I am trying to color code the lines so that all the lines that go up are one color and all the lines that go down are another color to really draw out a comparison. But sample 1's color is linked to sample 31, and sample 2's color is linked to sample 32. Every time I change the color for sample 1, it changes the color of sample 31 to the same color. Same thing with my 2/32 pair. 

    I surmise this is some weird quirk having to do with a maximum of 30 colors allowed in chart builder and it somehow recycles the colors after you get to 30 samples. But it's maintaining that color link between the samples even when I manually change the color. How do I unlink them so that samples 1 and 31 can be different colors and sample 2 and 32 can be different colors?

    Catherine Winter

  • 2.  RE: Color problem

    Posted Wed October 27, 2021 09:06 AM
    First, let me suggest that trying to use 30 or more colors in a chart is a bad idea.  The chart is likely to be incomprehensible even putting aside colorblind viewers.

    You haven't said how you are setting the colors.  The Chart Builder ui does only allow 30 colors.  However, if you go to Edit > Options > Charts, under the Colors button, there is an Insert button that allows you to add more colors to the color cycle.  I suspect that if you add more items, you can get more colors in the chart, but I have not tried this.

    Jon Peck