Optim Virtual User Group Recording & Chat - 8 Nov 2022

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Optim Virtual User Group Recording & Chat - 8 Nov 2022 

Tue November 08, 2022 08:41 PM

Attached is the Webex recording of the OVUG meeting on 8 November 2022. 

Here are the time index for various speakers:

   1:40  Marc Hebert: Intro, Agenda and Optim Virtual User Group overview
   4:40  Peter Costigan: Optim Archive Viewer
  12:25  Vishwas Balakrishna: Optim Archive Viewer
  31:40  Eyal Bin: Test Data Fabrication
  59:40  Allan Martin: Data Privacy for Unstructured Data
1:21:15  Keith Tidball: Optim Technical Panel
1:48:45  Peter Costigan: Optim Distributed 11.7 Announce & Availability: June 2022
 I personally noted some quality problems with the audio-- big silent gaps.  I hope those were only a result of my video player.  Unfortunately there is no other recording.

I also attach the Chat in a Word document.



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