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Optim Support and Documentation Quick Links 

Fri September 21, 2018 01:55 PM

Hi all - 

On the last user group meeting there was the request for a document that had links for Optim documentation and support, to make it easier to find what you're looking for across IBM's websites. We've created this first version with some of the specific requests from the call, but we want your feedback on what else you'd like us to link to this community!  

Attached is a PDF with the requested links. Please leave a comment on what else we should add to it that would be helpful for you.



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Thu January 30, 2020 11:26 AM

May we have an explanation of some of the tables in the Optim directory that would be useful for supporting our implementation?  For example, we will be dropping some Data Stores soon.  I would like to identify all the Access Definitions, Table Maps, Column Maps, Services, etc., that reference these databases.  I would prefer to have  a SQL query instead of exporting everything and doing a text search, but I'm not sure I am interpreting the data in the Optim directory correctly.    Probably don't need every table, just the ones that would have information about these main objects and maybe some explanation of how the old PST* tables relate to the newer OPTIM* tables.  Thanks for listening!