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  • Hi Laxman, Your assign to="." isn't right. The SFTP Client Put looks for, in order of preference, a DocumentList parameter, a DocumentId parameter, or if neither of those are present the PrimaryDocument. The error you're seeing is that presumably there ...

  • Selvaraj, The fix is in the bp that invokes the map. Currently that bp processes all the records found in the input file in a single translation execution. You need to add a 'For Each Document Service' loop which can allow you to process all the ...

  • Dear Team, Greetings of the day. We are trying to send files from SFG to remote SFTP server using SFTP client put service. We have created SFTP client adapter, SSH remote profile and developed a business process. Whenever we are trying to execute ...

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  • Click here or utilized the following link to view our upcoming Data Exchange webinars. There is no charge to register and attend. www.ibm.biz/dataexchangeevents IBM Sterling Data Exchange is a portfolio of the latest reliable B2B data exchange ...

  • Author: Manisha Khond Title: Rebrand IBM Sterling File Gateway and myFileGateway User Interface in Certified Container (OpenShift) and Docker deployment Rebranding is a process of extending existing User interfaces to new look and feel. ...

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  • Introduction When a file is uploaded to Global Mailbox, the system puts an event on an IBM MQ queue to trigger processing in B2Bi/SFG. There is an adapter in B2Bi which consumes these events and launches the required Business Process to process the ...

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  • Global Mailbox: Purging of data This is part of a multi-part series on IBM Sterling Global Mailbox. What is Global Mailbox? IBM Sterling Global Mailbox helps companies address demands for high availability operations and redundancy with a robust ...

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  • Author: Manisha Khond Overview Sterling B2B Integrator uses a set of components to move business process data that has reached it’s specified lifespan out of the live database. These components include: Index Business Process service Backup ...

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