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  • Sterling B2B Integration SaaS (SCBN)
  • Sterling e-Invoicing
  • Sterling Document Conversion
  • Sterling Webforms
  • Small Partner Automation


Latest Discussions

  • Hi Team, 1. Any plans for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Map Editor & GPM version upgrade?? The current versions are very old. When can we expect something new in Map Editor and/or GPM?? 2. What are IBM's future plans for B2B integration area i.e. ...

  • Don't miss the opportunity to share your feedback and get rewarded. Review IBM Sterling B2B Integration SaaS , point out the business problems the product addresses and help your peers make confident buying decisions. Details and direct link ...

  • EDI is a simple technology that still reflects basic solutions defined decades ago. As customer in the relationships you describe, your company has the advantage (in most such relationships) of defining the EDI data requirements based upon your business ...

Latest Blogs

  • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Certified Container deployment: Configure custom Init Containers IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and IBM Sterling File Gateway Certified Container helm charts provide an option to configure additional init containers for application ...

  • Setting up a remote Command Line Adapter2 (CLA2) for a Certified Container deployment The Command Line Adapter 2 (CLA2) is a second-generation adapter that enables Sterling B2B Integrator to run a program from a command line in a business process, ...

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  • Click here or utilized the following link to view our upcoming Data Exchange webinars. There is no charge to register and attend. www.ibm.biz/dataexchangeevents IBM Sterling Data Exchange is a portfolio of the latest reliable B2B data exchange ...

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  • Author: Manisha Khond Title: Rebrand IBM Sterling File Gateway and myFileGateway User Interface in Certified Container (OpenShift) and Docker deployment Rebranding is a process of extending existing User interfaces to new look and feel. ...

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  • Introduction When a file is uploaded to Global Mailbox, the system puts an event on an IBM MQ queue to trigger processing in B2Bi/SFG. There is an adapter in B2Bi which consumes these events and launches the required Business Process to process the ...

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