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  • Sterling B2B Integration SaaS (SCBN)
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Latest Discussions

  • Hi Fabrizio, Yes I tried Group to on the SQL statement still its printing my header first and then the line details.I have raised the question to IBM support folks and they suggested me to use Key field concept.I haven't tried yet.I will let you know ...

  • Sorry for my stupid answer, but have you tried to order the sql query to obtain that output? ------------------------------ Fabrizio Allegrini ------------------------------

  • Hi, I did a PATCH for some specific users (default ones with "Sterling B2B Admin" privileges) the main idea was to remover that group. When I did my curl the Liberty returned "1 rows affected" it means that UPDATE or PATCH was applied succesfully ...

Latest Blogs

  • Deploying Sterling Secure Proxy CM/Engine on Red Hat OpenShift Using Certified Container and Connecting to Sterling B2Bi SFTP Adapter Table of Contents Introductory Notes Helm Installation and Charts Configuring SFG SFTP Adapter SSP ...

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  • Deploying multiple applications can been a challenge. Managing configurations, dependencies, and diverse environments can turn the process into a maze of complexities. However, I firmly believe that the installation process should be fast and simple. ...

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  • Installing IBM Sterling File Gateway and ITX / ITXA on Red Hat OpenShift Using Certified Container Table of Contents Introductory Notes Helm DB2 Installation ITXA Installation SFG Installation ...

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  • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Certified Container deployment: Configure custom Init Containers IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and IBM Sterling File Gateway Certified Container helm charts provide an option to configure additional init containers for application ...

  • Setting up a remote Command Line Adapter2 (CLA2) for a Certified Container deployment The Command Line Adapter 2 (CLA2) is a second-generation adapter that enables Sterling B2B Integrator to run a program from a command line in a business process, ...

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