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Syncsort and IBM Partnership on B2B Collaboration Software

By Fernanda Tavares posted Mon August 26, 2019 10:45 AM


Back in October, we announced the partnership between Syncsort and IBM for the market-leading Business to Business (B2B) Collaboration portfolio: IBM B2B Integrator (B2Bi), IBM File Gateway, Global Mailbox,  IBM Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) and Gentran.

The main goal of this partnership is to expand and accelerate the development of B2B products while maintaining business continuity: no change to client relationships, support, and sales processes.

The intervening months have been very exciting as we strengthen relationships with customers and business partners and collaborate with IBM on the roadmap for the products. Syncsort has a long history of delivering highly performant enterprise-scale solutions to market, and we have already begun cross-collaboration between our teams to deliver on these goals.

By focusing on agile development and continuous integration, we have started to deliver more frequent releases. This is helping better adjust to market needs and ensure that customers can upgrade more often. Regular updates allow for quicker access to fixes, security updates, and value-added features.

The Think 2019 event in February provided us with our first opportunity to meet many of our customers and business partners face to face.  We listened to their feedback on how crucial these products are to their mission-critical systems, and what directions they’d like to see the product going to next. It also provided us with a platform to present the first jointly developed roadmap.

Roadmap Strategy

The roadmap goals revolve around delivering an always-on, secure, cloud-enabled gateway. This strategy has been very well received so far and seems to align well with the direction enterprises are taking their business.


Cloud deployment of B2Bi and PEM has enabled customers to develop scalable solutions that are easier to deploy. Syncsort is investing in continuous enhancements to improve the containerized cloud solution and make it easier to implement with orchestration managers like Kubernetes.  Watch this webcast and read this blog to learn more about how we are supporting your journey to the cloud.

Always On

The B2B solutions power mission-critical applications in all areas of our economy: from the fulfillment of sales orders to the replenishment of stocks to the consolidation of financial transactions. Syncsort has been investing in enhancements to deliver on market-leading availability and fault tolerance handling. Learn more about achieving near zero downtime.

Improving the performance and scalability is an area where Syncsort’s decades of experience developing high-performance software has helped augment ideas and design the enhancements that will allow the engine to scale faster and take advantage of the horizontal scalability capacity of cloud deployments.

Keeping up with the latest developments in security is another area where Syncsort and IBM have combined their expertise. 

Seamless Interaction

Syncsort has invested in enhancements in the product APIs and user experience, including the delivery of myFileGateway 2.0.

Since the announcement, Syncsort has been investing heavily on the partnership. Our primary focus has been to accelerate innovation in B2Bi products and enhance the customer’s experience with more frequent software releases. By leveraging the combined team’s engineering excellence and expertise in supporting the mission-critical workloads of global organizations, we are in an excellent position to ensure the continued success of the B2B Collaboration portfolio.

To know more about what’s new in IBM B2B Integrator 6.0, IBM File Gateway 6.0 & Global Mailbox 6.0, listen to this webinar. If you’d like to talk to one of our experts, you can schedule a consultation so that we can assist you better.