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Optim z/OS 11.3 using DB2 handling multiple DB2 regions

  • 1.  Optim z/OS 11.3 using DB2 handling multiple DB2 regions

    Posted Mon October 21, 2019 11:07 AM

    In Optim z/OS 11.3 using DB2, I've a situation wherein parent table along with some children are in one DB2 region and some more children in another DB2 region. I tried using three part name in AD like REMOTE_<reg2>.<owner>.<tablename> but it said table is unknown. In the site options, we have following setting:

    Remote DB2 Connection     ===> S           A-Application, S-System  

    Has anybody dealt with the same issue and how it was handled? Any help on this topic will be appreciated.


    Sanjay Marwah
    Progressive Insurance

  • 2.  RE: Optim z/OS 11.3 using DB2 handling multiple DB2 regions

    Posted Tue October 22, 2019 07:43 AM

    You can do this easily in Optim Distributed by creating a DBALIAS for each DB2 Subsystem, but as far as I know, since there is one DB2 Catalog for each DB2 SubSystem, Optim zOS will only be able to see the tables in that DB2 Subsystem. 

    On zOS If you do DB2 Sharing across machines, you still have 1 DB2 catalog that is being used, so Optim could see any tables that are still within that one DB2 Catalog.  

    On Optim Distributed, you create an Optim DBAlias for each Subsystem and Option can now access the multiple DB2 Subsystems and multiple DB2 Catalogs, just like it would access a DB2 Catalog and an Oracle Catalog (system tables) for an Oracle Optim DBAlias.  In this way, on Optim Distributed we can access more than one database instance and thus all the table names on Optim Distributed have 3 parts (dbalias.schema.table).  Optim table names on zOS are just 2 parts (schema.table) because we are working within a subsystem (one DB2 catalog).

    Hope this helps.  

    Fred Booker
    AB Martin