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Issue getting from workstation to server

  • 1.  Issue getting from workstation to server

    Posted Tue August 13, 2019 06:12 AM
    Hi All,

    We're having a problem getting a job to run on the server from the workstation. We get the following error on the workstation:

    Which caused me to look on the Server in the Connections tab but we have this:

    We can access the optim directory from both workstation and server and the job runs locally on both.

    Any ideas where my error lies?


    Barbara Brown

  • 2.  RE: Issue getting from workstation to server

    Posted Tue August 13, 2019 06:25 AM
    Please ignore. We re-ran the create/update optim directory and the issue has resolved itself.

    Quite strange though. When we re-ran create/update we didn't change any parameters and the issue resolved. We had run that more than once previously too. So odd but fixed...…

    Any thoughts on why it's odd or explanations what happens under the covers would be welcomed as it feels a little unstable and we're concerned this will cause us problems down the line.

    Barbara Brown

  • 3.  RE: Issue getting from workstation to server

    Posted Thu August 15, 2019 11:12 AM
    ​That 1023 Access Violation error means that whatever ID was being used to attempt access lacked proper permissions on the Databases in question. Not sure if it failed for one person and then a different ID tried running it later and it worked. Optim is a finicky beast when it comes to permissions. Must be run with Admin authority on your machine and requires elevated access against any DB it runs against. Of course, IBM suggests you run with 'DBO' authority, which is absurd by current security standards. We have found you need the equivalent permissions of Read/Write/Execute/Support View Definition in order to execute the various Optim stored procedures without generating errors.

    Hope this helps!

    Keith Tidball
    Progressive Insurance