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What's new in 3.5 for Cloud Pak for Data?

IBM Cloud Pak for Data 3.5.0 is available now and boasts simpler navigation, a customizable home page, improved platform and production workload management, and broader support for connections from the platform with easier connection management. The release also includes support for...

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Analyze streaming data with Python and Cloud Pak for Data

Imagine you are a developer for an energy company and you would like to continuously ingest and analyze data from thousands of sensors in the field. You would like to compute some statistics for each sensor, such as the rolling average, and then store that data or further analyze it by applying...

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Collect, Govern and Analyze Hadoop Data using IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Written by Basem Elasioty and Gregor Meyer IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a cloud-native solution that enables data scientists, data engineers and business experts to collaborate defining, developing, validating and deploying analytic products. It provides the needed tools for data science...

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IBM Cloud Pak for Data is recognized in the Ventana Digital Innovation Awards

Article by Arin Bhowmick, Global VP Design@IBM I’m excited to announce that our team at IBM Cloud, Data, and AI has been awarded a Ventana Digital Innovation Award finalist for IBM Cloud Pak for Data in the Analytics category. This is fantastic news for us and we are thrilled to have our work...

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IBM Cloud Pak for Data newsletter with complimentary Gartner Research

IBM Cloud Pak for Data fosters greater collaboration across your teams by consolidating data and AI tools and processes. If you want to drive greater adoption of our unified platform throughout your organization, check out our IBM Cloud Pak for Data newsletter featuring complimentary Gartner...

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