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IBM's Cloud Pak For Data On Red Hat OpenShift Changes the Competitive Cloud Landscape

IBM customers are finding significant value in our Cloud Pak for Data offering. Virtualization, container management, lift and shift, and quick micro-service deployment are just some of the exciting capabilities of this new platform. As IBM goes up against Google, AWS, and Microsoft, competing...

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Guardian - The Accident Risk Analyzer: Part 1

IBM Cloud Pak for Data (CP4D) — a Redhat Openshift-based Data & Machine Learning (ML)/Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform offers various capabilities from data collection to deploying ML/AI models in production. It allows you to solve your end to end data science use case with a variety of...

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Cloud Pak Installer on Managed OpenShift

Steps required before running this installer: Provision Openshift cluster. The minimum recommended configuration is a 3 node cluster with each node with 16 CPUs and 64GB of memory. Make sure the cluster is able to connect to the Internet. It is required for pulling the pod images. If...

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Cloud Pak for Data accelerators in wealth management | Customer Segmentation

The following videos show how you can use the Customer Segmentation accelerator in IBM Cloud Pak for Data to go beyond the traditional demographic markers, such as age, income, and gender to identify meaningful customer segments. Jenny, a data scientist, is tasked with identifying ...

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