The Zen of Topic Groups

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The Zen of Topic Groups 

Fri November 06, 2020 06:16 PM

Zen rocks

Congrats, you're an IBM Community member! You may have already read through the run-down on joining and getting started here.

Now, I can imagine, at this point, getting started can seem overwhelming.

The solution?  Topic groups.  

Everything in the Public Cloud Community is organized by topic group. They are:

Public Cloud Global
Cloud Native Apps
Infrastructure as a Service
VMware on On Cloud

Now, let's give you a quick breakdown of the 6 features of a topic groups and what they can do for you:  

1. Discussions: As the primary function for community, we invite all of our members to use the discussion board as a place to introduce yourselves, share your background, ask questions to or seek advice from other members and experts, or put out a call to action. I encourage everyone to join one of the groups listed above, and enter a thread with a brief introduction, what you're working on, how you intend to engage with this community, and most importantly what you'd like to see.  

2. Blogs: Here you'll find an integration of news sources relevant to your particular community, largely sourced from blogs generated by members and experts from all walks of industry and academia. If you're interested in becoming a blogger on IBM Community, please reach out to us! Our Public Cloud community is currently experiencing the highest % membership growth rate of all IBM Communities.         Share your expertise with our growing network and beyond. 

3. Resources: There's no better way to build your skillset, network and repertoire than to try things out for yourself! This section includes how-to's, projects, tools, data sets, videos, etc. to explore and learn for yourself.

4. Events: Want to dig into skills and training? Hear from executives and product leaders? Learn from business partners and user groups around the world? Start your learning journey here, by attending our community webinars and in-person events. Even better, if you have something to share with our community, such as leading a product use case webinar or tips and tricks, apply to present a webinar here

5. You can also catch event replays in each of our community's On-Demand Webinar sections. 

6. Members: Check out your group's member directory to find some familiar faces or connect with new ones. The community connect feature allows you to Add Contacts within the community and send private messages to spur collaboration or share ideas. 

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for daily updates, and of course our Community Front Porch, which features the latest updates and news spanning all communities. 

This post was adapted from a blog that first appeared on the IBM Data Science Community blog, and was written by Christina Howell, Data Science Community Leader. 

 (Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash)

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