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Congratulations and welcome to the IBM Champions class of 2024

By Libby Ingrassia posted Thu January 18, 2024 01:49 PM


Welcome IBM Champions class of 2024 

It is with great pleasure I can announce this year’s IBM Champions! We had an overwhelming number of submissions during our nomination process over the fall of 2023, and I’m happy to say that the IBM Champion program has experienced a 38% growth this year! This means even more IBM technology experts (who are non-IBMers) are going the extra distance to advocate for IBM! 

Every year, in IBM’s third quarter, we open nominations to extraordinary advocates and IBM technology ambassadors (IBM clients and business partners), who may nominate themselves or may be nominated by colleagues, community members, or IBMers. Specialized and diverse selection committees are formed across IBM technology portfolios and geographies to review and decide who will be chosen for the IBM Champion recognition. 

IBM Champion definition with IBM TechXchange graphics

Who are the IBM Champions

This year’s 1155 IBM Champions represent nearly 60 countries and are poised to make 2024 an outstanding year, as 63 %r return to the program, and 37% are newly recognized. Nearly 200 already have expertise in AI and watsonx.

IBM Champions signify more than a prestigious name. These advocates are working with IBM technologies to innovate, to educate, and to advance their profession and business market.

IBM Champions advocate for IBM in numerous ways, some of which include speaking at conferences, participating in research and customer advisory boards, creating and managing user groups, contributing code, and developing educational and instructional content, to name a few. 

IBM Rising Champions Advocacy badge earners

That 38% increase doesn’t even count our IBM Rising Champion Advocacy badge earners (learn more about them here). We are excited to celebrate the launch of this new program, which can provide a pathway to becoming an IBM Champion. We issued our first batch of those late in 2023 and will continue to issue throughout 2024. Congratulations to the first round of IBM Rising Champion Advocacy badge earners.

The badge program is designed to encourage and acknowledge individuals who are contributing to informing, educating, and mobilizing others around IBM technologies. We have issues approximately 1000 badges to date and there will be more in the coming weeks and months, as the program is open year-round.  Keep an eye on our IBM TechXchange Community, as well as on social media channels on LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter), for more updates and ongoing content. 

What next for IBM Champions

We encourage you all to start getting to know these experts and advocates. Check out their profiles here on the IBM TechXchange Community to see their expertise and companies (look for the IBM Champion ribbon), connect on social media, and attend their sessions or read their content when you discover it. We’ll be publishing IBM Champion spotlights regularly throughout the year so you can get to know them a little deeper than just a list of names.

For our part, we’ll be helping them to learn more about their areas of expertise and how AI works there; we’ll be amplifying their content and success stories; and we’ll be sharing additional advocacy opportunities with them.

Without question, it is an honor to know and work with these individuals, whose knowledge, enthusiasm, and drive are inspiring, magnetic, and contagious. Please join me and our entire team in congratulating our class of 2024 IBM Champions! 

IBM Champions Class of 2024

Jan Aagesen

Søren Aakjær

Ibrahim Abdalmanan

Mahmoud Abdelrahman

Mohamed Abdelwahed

Gabriel Aberasturi

Khalid Abu El-Soud

Xavier Aburto

Kurt Acker

Wole Adetayo

Deependra Adhikari

Aditya Agrawal

Krishan Kant Agrawal

Nemi Agrawal

Imtiaz Ahmed

Tanobir Ahmed

Stephan Åkeborg

Lance Albertson

Juan Manuel Alcudia

Ted Alexander

Shaukat Ali

Bryan Allebone

(Steven) David Alley

Phil Allison

Hussam Alrasheed

Meighan Altwies

J. Nelson Amaral

Saghi Amirsoleymani

Eden Amsalem

Aijun An

Christopher Anand

Srikar Ande

Dave Anderson-Ward

Roman Andrej

Tony Andrews

Mariusz Andrzejczak

Luis Angel Almendarez Flores

Badmabooshanam Appandai

Torbjörn Appehl

Juan Araya

Jose Arias

Hartanto Ario Widjaya

Niall Ashley

Julio Aspiazu

Craig Aston

Hasnain Attarwala

Walter Auerochs

Ryan Avery

Vedavyas (Wade) Avula

Bahaa Awartany

Jacob Bock Axelsen

Matyas Aykurt

Akramul Azim

Bandar Babalghaith

Andrew Badgley

Rajeev Bagra

Daryl Baker

Phill Baker

Michél Bakker

Vishwas Balakrishna

Surender Balasundaram

Chiara Baldan

Josh Bander

Brijesh Banerjee

Richard Barber

Susan Barker

Jim Barlow

Rick Barlow

Felipe Barrey