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Analytics Content Hub 

Wed September 28, 2022 12:23 PM

The IBM Analytics Content Hub enables Business Analytics in multiplayer mode in a few major ways:

  1. The IBM Analytics Content Hub is a clean streaming experience to visualize relevant analytic content by pulling in content not only from IBM but from other analytics providers such as Microsoft, Google, and Tableau.
  2. The Hub helps amplify a clean workflow by allowing multiple personas to collaborate on analytic content via page editing, centralized feedback, and quality scoring content all through a single sign-on while respecting the security and previous entitlements of other vendors.
  3. The epitome of Mutli-Player mode is the ability to combine insights from different BI tools to create a composite dashboard with elements from each. Meaning, now users can benefit from seeing the complete picture, move faster during their work flow, collaborate with each other. This eliminates the friction all 3 player levels create so your users can “win” the game by turning insight to action.

Now, organizations can leverage the strong assets created in Cognos Analytics or Planning Analytics in conjunction with other BI content in a single pane of glass. Move forward faster, with more confidence, and together with other users in an organization to tackle every challenging level of our new disruptive world.

In the demo video, we will explore the Content Hub’s key capabilities in content discovery, personalization, and showcase a composite dashboard! Enjoy!


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Thu October 13, 2022 09:09 PM


We have a Planning Analytics on Cloud customer asking

The Planning Analytics newsletter for October and in Tech Corner it mentions an application called IBM Analytics Content Hub. Is this something we have entitlement for, or is it a separate license? Is it compatible with our PA on Cloud?

Are you able to help?