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How to install Planning Analytics Workspace in 20 minutes

Are you new to Planning Analytics? We have good news –now, you can get even more out of your IBM planning solution! Planning Analytics Workspace is the new face of TM1and it is also required if you will be leveraging Planning Analytics for Excel. Planning Analytics Workspace is containerized...

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Statistical Forecasting made easy with Cognos Analytics

You can use the new Forecasting capabilities in Cognos Analytics to discover and model, trend, seasonality, and time dependence in data. You can forecast by using automated tools that model time-dependent data. Automated model selection and tuning makes forecasting easy to use, even if you are...

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Getting started in Planning Analytics Workspace

Maybe the company you work for recently adopted IBM Planning Analytics Workspace. Maybe you've just started a new job that already uses the product. Or maybe you're just trying it out to see what it can do for you. Whatever the reason, here are some great videos to help you start analyzing...

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Business Analytics vs Business Intelligence

Commerce or Business and data are two inter-related terms. Any business or firm is associated with data generation and maintenance. Sound knowledge of the collection and interpretation of data has an impact on the firm's future progress. When a company calls candidates for hiring, they look for...

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“Your data, Your visuals” - Custom Visualizations with IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1.4

We are excited to release a new extensible visualization capability with Cognos 11.1.4! Users will now be allowed to expand the current OotB(Out-of-the-box) visualization library with beautiful custom JavaScript-based visualizations. Developers can build, validate and compile custom...

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IBM Planning Analytics receives top ranks in world’s largest planning survey (IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub)

Before making any major purchase decision, most of us read reviews to learn about the experiences of other users and get an understanding of a product from the perspective of the marketplace. This is especially important for when evaluating options for a major investment like planning software. ...

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