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2.0.66 - What's new, July 14, 2021

Learn about new features and known issues in version 2.0.66 of IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace in the following topics. Updates to each version of Planning Analytics Workspace are cumulative. To see what was new in previous releases, see What's new in Planning Analytics...

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Now Generally Available Cognos Analytics 11.2.0! New user experience and AI taken to the next level

We are excited to announce that new Cognos Analytics 11.2.0 is now available for download! For this release as you might've heard we have been focused on the new modern design following IBM Carbon Design System and let me tell you: the brand new Cognos looks beautiful ! What are the...

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Introducing Watson Moments in IBM Cognos Analytics

Watson Moments are exceptional AI implementations highlighted with Watson branding to emphasize how AI automation helps users make smarter business decisions faster. In IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2.0 you may encounter a Watson Moment through a natural language enquiry to the AI Assistant about a...

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