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Dashboard - Renaming Data Item Fields/Label and Field Header display
0 an hour ago by JAGADEESH DARA
Global Header and Footer Message On All Printed Reports
9 2 hours ago by Elihu El
Issue with PresentationService - millions of failed requests
1 2 hours ago by STEFAN VERMEULEN
Original post by Paul Peeters
Add comment to a (saved) Report
2 4 hours ago by Peter Chan
Original post by Chris Bos
Sorting Numbers in Visualisation categories
5 5 hours ago by Peter Chan
Original post by Mauro Santos Otero
Problems with sharing of dashboards using Iframe and Azure AD og ADFS
7 7 hours ago by Rikke Jacobsen
Multiple SELECT with conditions on one FROM
1 7 hours ago by Gertrud Lohwasser
Original post by Antoine André
Force List to show all data members
1 9 hours ago by Ori
Original post by Veljko
Bit bucket and git flow for Cognos Analytics
1 14 hours ago by Mauro Santos Otero
Original post by Narsi rao
Is there a way using Cognos to do "advanced" string concatenation?
2 15 hours ago by NIGEL CAMPBELL
Original post by Jim Denton
11.1.7 FP2 - Monitoring JVM externally (JMX activation)
1 yesterday by Vivien
Original post by DAVID MOULIN
AppBar Sample Report - Repromt in card2
0 yesterday by Joyce Shelton
Group Users restruction on Folders to view or access on One Folder.
7 2 days ago by Hashim Raza
11.2.0 Release: 305 questions from live webinar and more
1 2 days ago by Tim Aston
Original post by Anastasia Komarova
How to Display the Last Value of Each Line as Label in a chart
2 2 days ago by LOIC POTIN
Check box instead of scroll list as a filter
5 3 days ago by Kiran Passumarthi
Original post by Rizwan Iqbal
Running-total causing error after upgrading to 11.1.7
4 3 days ago by Muhammad Yahya
Original post by Ethan Davis
How to use cognos sdk, Spring Security and LDAP to implement SSO
0 3 days ago by Arun Varma
CA 11.1 vs Azure OpenID Authentication
2 4 days ago by Robert Hofstetter
Original post by Bruno Abuaf
developerworks Cognos articles
9 4 days ago by Magnum BI
Cognos Analytics 11.2 is Coming Soon! See the revamped user experience and how we are taking AI to the next level
3 4 days ago by NICKOLUS PLOWDEN
User defined functions
1 4 days ago by Yvonne McGinnis
Original post by Vaibhav Pujari
Grouping Star schema tables in Data modules
7 4 days ago by Ralf Roeber
Original post by Thomas van der Meer
Session cookies no longer getting removed
1 4 days ago by Robert Hofstetter
Cognos Analytics( Bit bucket tool Integration with cognos )
1 5 days ago by Maarten den Dunnen
Original post by Narsi rao
Azure Data Lake Gen2
2 5 days ago by NIGEL CAMPBELL
Original post by Missy Price
Formatting questions for pie chart in Cognos 11.1 R6 dashboard
2 5 days ago by MELODY ALBERTI
Dynamic title change as figure is clicked
0 6 days ago by Rizwan Iqbal
Hub and Spokes model for Maps in Cognos ?
5 6 days ago by Heather Staniland
Original post by Maarten den Dunnen
Disposable prompt values
7 6 days ago by Jeanie Krieger
Cognos Audit database pruning records
7 6 days ago by Tony Barlas
Help! Beginner Needs Recommendations for Learning Cognos Analytics
3 6 days ago by Cesar Garcia
Original post by Pamela Bruno
Cognos Analytics Installation
2 8 days ago by Subba Rao
Formatting Pie Chart in Cognos 11.0.8
2 8 days ago by Kiran Kumar
Need help with writing a data item expression - hopefully can do a query
5 8 days ago by Jim Denton
Refresh External data source of a Dashboard
3 9 days ago by HENK CAZEMIER
Original post by Denitsa Pavlova
Reports & Dashboards development timeline (high level project plan)
0 9 days ago by Prasad Loke
Data Module Metadata disappears
3 10 days ago by Kizzy Kaye
Cognos on cloud
15 11 days ago by HACHEMI HAMED
I setup home page for custom role but it;s not working
8 11 days ago by Rajitha Kalluri
Ask Me Anything: Cognos Analytics - April Edition
3 12 days ago by RACHEL SU
Original post by Jason Tavoularis
Total % is not giving the correct number
4 12 days ago by Hashim Raza
Original post by MONA KEDIA
Visualize your data in new ways with Cognos Analytics 11.2.0!
0 13 days ago by Matt Denham
Issue displaying CA content in an iFrame - Invalid Login Response
1 13 days ago by Kiran Passumarthi
Original post by Jonathan McKnight
Javascript to set default values in date prompts
2 15 days ago by Kiran Kumar
Azure SQL Server Connection issue with JDBC
1 17 days ago by Premkumar Shanmugasundaram
Original post by Lyn
Few questions about pie chart in dashboard (Cognos 11.1 R6)
0 17 days ago by MELODY ALBERTI
Performance Tuning
7 18 days ago by Elihu El
Create Filter Question
1 18 days ago by Jens Bäumler
Original post by Neo Glenn
Event Reminder: Attend tomorrow's Explore Episode 8 Livestream - The Dynamic Duo of Cognos & Planning Analytics - April 1st, 10AM ET
0 19 days ago by NICKOLUS PLOWDEN