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  • 1.  TM1Web-Dynamic Report not returning values but is returning structure

    Posted Thu June 17, 2021 01:20 PM
    Hi, Wondering if anyone has experienced this strange issue.

    I have a Product dimension with an Alias of Description. Description is a concatenation of the Product code and the description text, static from import, not rule derived.
    Copying and pasting members into the Set editor with the Description Alias on or off pastes as expected and the members are valid.

    If I create a Dynamic Report in PAfE with the Product on rows and Description on, the report rebuilds and shows values as expected:
    PAfE-Alias ON
    If I publish the report to the content store/applications and open in TM1 Web, the report builds i.e. correct items on rows are shown but values are blank:
    TM1 Web-Description ON
    If I turn the Alias off in the TM1RPTROW formula, the report rebuilds and shows values as expected:
    TM1 Web Description OFFIf I create the same report but instead of Product on rows, use Customer instead, I do not see this behaviour. The report works as expected.

    I have deleted the Description Alias and repopulated it again from source.  I cannot see any duplicates and did not receive any messages to this effect.
    I am reading from the default hierarchy as this is a DR in PAfE/TM1 Web.

    Any ideas besides taking of the description and adding another column with a DBRA to read the alias as I have done this as a quick fix.

    Has anyone seen this behaviour before?

    Could there be an issue where the hierarchies are out of sync causing issues? I do have about 4 alternate hierarchies besides Leaves to drive rules and for consumption in PAW.

    Thanks in advance.

    George Tonkin

  • 2.  RE: TM1Web-Dynamic Report not returning values but is returning structure

    Posted Tue June 22, 2021 07:22 AM

    Think I have resolved this for now.

    I went back to our development server, updated the dimension with the latest master data refresh, updated all attributes, rebuilt all rollups, rebuilt all alternate hierarchies and verified structures.

    I noticed that there were quite a few items not in the Default hierarchy but appearing in the Leave hierarchy.  These "orphaned" items looked to be old members from testing, previous loads etc.  It is possible that the members were removed from the Default hierarchy via a deletion from the dimension in Perspectives. (Still need to check if this causes the member to be deleted from the default but kept in Leaves).

    I created some MDX to go through members in Leaves and not in the Default hierarchy, and delete them.
    This cleaned up the orphaned/ unused members and the two hierarchies seem more aligned.

    After a save data, I copied over the Product dimension and the hierarchies from the Product}hiers to Production.
    So far so good - PAfE giving DIMIX values where alias is used, TM1Web returning reports with values, not just a blank structure.

    Still not sure what happened here or how to prevent it from happening again but would be happy if anyone has anything to add.

    George Tonkin

  • 3.  RE: TM1Web-Dynamic Report not returning values but is returning structure

    Posted Wed June 23, 2021 03:06 PM
    Hi George

    Not sure if it is relevant to your issue but we have found cases where you can have base level elements in the classic hierarchy that do not appear in the leaves hierarchy.

    To work around this in our standard dimension update routine we copy all base level elements from the classic hierarchy to the leaves hierarchy and then all elements in the leaves hierarchy to the classic hierarchy. That way we are sure that both are in step. If the leaves hierarchy produces an element that does not have any parents then our standard orphan processing catches it.

    We are still using PA 2.0.5 so I am not sure if this issue has been cured in a later version. We are testing 2.0.9 at the moment.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of quirks around the Leaves hierarchy, eg inserting an element under an element will now give an error instead of just making it a consolidation as it used to. You need to physically delete it as an N in the leaves, classic and all named hierarchies and re-insert it as a C, and then you will have lost links to all the parents of the element so you need to rebuild those too. Our standard dimension update processes have been growing somewhat to cope with all these quirks.


    Paul Simon

    Paul Simon

  • 4.  RE: TM1Web-Dynamic Report not returning values but is returning structure

    Posted Thu June 24, 2021 11:51 AM
    Thanks for the feedback and information Paul.

    I am encountering this with PAoC so probably 2.0.97/8 I would expect on the TM1 server side but have not confirmed.

    Still playing around with rebuild sequencing to try and work out exactly when the "break" happens but looks like when I unwind and rebuild an alternate hierarchy which has the parents in that hierarchy updated with Descriptions, the default goes a bit wonky.  Purely conjecture right now as I am still trying to replicate.

    George Tonkin