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State of the Community - September 2021

By Marius Ciortea posted 30 days ago


I had the pleasure of participating in our Community's first ever social hour, where over 500 of our members gathered together to hear fun and exciting updates about the Community and more importantly, get to know a bit about each other. I look forward to more of these events in the future and welcome your feedback on what topics you'd like to hear about. 

The theme of our event was "Back-to-School Night," which is a concept at the start of the school year in which parents, students, teachers, and school administrators all meet to set the stage for what's to come the rest of the year. We modeled our event after this as a way to inform members about our current community programs, meet the "teachers" (community leaders), get to know each other, and get excited about what's to come for the year ahead. As the "principal" or community leader, I was pleased to see all of you and share some of my thoughts and perspectives.  

Community is a vital part of our customer journey. This is a dedicated space - and in some cases, the only space - that users of our products, across all of IBM's portfolio and market from Data and AI and Automation to Public Cloud, Security, IoT and everything in between, can convene to ask or answer questions, learn, share, network and do more. We are proud of what we have built in the last three years to serve our customers better and allow them to increase their knowledge and also their own personal imminence. By creating a network of experts and learners together, we've been able to foster thousands of discussions and answered questions, share hundreds of blogs including tutorials, new product feature previews and launches, use cases and personal experiences, and hundreds of live, FREE, webinars. We are also proud to be the official home of the IBM Champions

I've shared the current State of the Community and how it fits into IBM's overall strategy. Take a look and leave me any questions or feedback in the comments!




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Great idea.Such initiatives should be appreciated.

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Good share