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IBM Community 101: Getting started

By Christina Howell posted Tue March 10, 2020 08:38 PM


Welcome to IBM Community!

You are now part of a 150,000+ member network of product users and experts, industry leaders, educators, learners, practitioners, and casual enthusiasts. As robust as we are today, we are still just getting started; just a few months ago, we revamped our site to unify the community experience for our users. We spent about a year gathering feedback and input from members and key stakeholders and redesigned our platform to give you what you need first, which you, as our members, have identified as: access and open collaboration with SMEs as well as like-minded peers; education; resources and news on products and industry topics; and live and on-demand events. 

I'm one of the community managers, Christina. Let's make sure you're all set to maximize your member benefits. 

Get started in 3 easy steps

1. Sign in

  • In the upper-right hand corner, click Sign-In or Join.
  • Create an IBM ID.
  • Check your email for a code to complete IBM ID registration.
  • Once you have your IBM ID, return to the community page to sign in.

2. Create a profile

Letting the community know who you are helps our team of community managers better tailor your experience, helps you make better connections with members and build personal eminence, and offers insights on how best to organize unique community events and experiences. Make sure to include your location and photo and start earning points and badges!

You can track your accomplishments and badges, contributions, connections, and more in your profile. 

3. Introduce yourself

You're all set to share your expertise, ask questions, make connections, and of course earn points and climb the community leaderboard. Check out and join some of these groups to jump into discussions. 

Once you're signed in, you're ready to explore our communities!

Each community covers a topic or product group that contains individualized groups within. Start from our home page to find a selection of communities to join: 

As you join communities, as well as the groups within each community, you'll find a list of your associations in your profile for easy navigation: 


Each community contains three highlights across the top of the page, followed by groups, and then a customized view of news and events so you'll always have easy access to the latest updates. See an example here

Here is a cheat sheet to download and easily share with others how to get started on the IBM Community. Follow us on Twitter for daily updates, and of course our Community Front Porch, which features the latest updates and news spanning all communities. 

Now, let's give you a quick tour of what you'll find in our community groups. Click here for a quick tour of group features
Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

Christina Howell
IBM Community

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