What’s new in IBM Decisions on z/OS webinar

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Tue March 26, 2024 02:20 PM

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Join us for an immersive webinar exploring the latest in IBM Decisions on z/OS. In this session, you'll discover exciting enhancements across the IBM z/OS portfolio, including IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM), Automation Decision Services (ADS) & Decision Manager Open Edition (DMOE). Together, we'll explore how to elevate decisioning within your organization as you interact with our experts and gain exclusive insights into how we are shaping the future of Decision Automation at IBM.

In this webinar, you'll learn more about:

  • ODM/ADS on z/OS 
  • What's new for Decisions on z/OS
  • ODM & Machine Learning

Key speakers

James Taylor, Development Lead - Operational Decision Manager for z/OS, IBM

Christopher Backhouse, Architect - Decision Automation for Z, IBM

Barry Lulas,  Product Manager - IBM Business Automation Manager Open Editions, IBM

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