How do I perform a profiling on an ODM Decision Service using Rule Designer

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Fri October 28, 2022 11:44 AM

Video on a typical manipulation that can be performed on a ODM Decision Service in order to profile it thanks to JProfiler.

The main idea here is to show how to:
- load the DecisionService Zip file into Rule Designer;
- create a local RES persistence that will be used to a local RES execution;
- create a Java Project that will execute the Decision Service on a local RES;
- populate the input parameters to perform a real-life execution;
- adding a in just before the execution [JPROFILER START] in order to be sure to record the correct piece of code on the JProfiler side;
- adding a important loop of execution in order to be sure that the execution contention will surfacing in the JProfiler side;
- adding a additional piece of code [JPROFILER STOP] in order to stop the record to an exact defined point;
- attaching a JProfiler and verifying the setup (and especially, be sure to not filter out packages).

#operationaldecisionmanager(odm) #businessrules