ConvertReadOnlyBOs Utility

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12 days ago

This utility processes an unzipped twx file to convert all read-only, locked BOs that are discovered as part of an external service import to regular, editable BOs. 
Process for importing external data type definitions into CP4BA:
1. Create an OpenAPI json or yaml file that contains all the data types that you'd like to import. All types to be imported must be referenced, directly or indirectly, from operations in the OpenAPI. In the sample json file, we use one operation that points to a wrapper type, which in turn references all types that we want to include. This was done to ensure that the BO names are maintained during import.
2. Create a toolkit to hold the data types. This works with both Workflow and Application toolkits.
3. Import the OpenAPI as a REST-typed external service.  
4. Create a version of the toolkit and export the twx file. 
5. Unzip the twx to a folder.
6. Run the Java utility to process the folder.  The arguments are the folder of the unzipped content and the new version number to use.  Eg:
java -cp C:\grant\samplePlugins\ConvertReadOnlyBOs\convertReadOnlyBOs.jar com.grant.boconvert.ConvertReadOnlyBOs C:\unzip\ V2
7. Zip up the contents of the folder
8. Import the twx file back into BA Studio or Workflow Center
You should now see that the BOs are editable and the external service is cleaned up.  In my sample, I would also delete the wrapper type used to reference all the other types.  You can also manually delete the server entry and the external service artifact.

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Uploaded - Wed September 13, 2023