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Pay Attention with Process Mining!

In conversation the other day, a colleague suggested that I “pay attention to what I’m paying attention to.” Not only is it difficult to come up with better advice, but it is the perfect introduction to talk about process mining, which is a process for paying attention to your processes. ...

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Announcing Process Mining (OEM)

Discover how processes flow through your business with Process Mining, a new integrated capability in IBM Cloud Pak for Automation. IBM & m yInvenio (Cognitive Technology Ltd) partnership introduces process and task mining into your automation strategy to help: Use your existing...

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Introduction to Process Playback in Blueworks Live

When you have a large complex process diagram, it can be hard to follow no matter how readable and well-structured it is. You can use the Blueworks Live playback feature to focus on specific paths through the process and step through them one at a time. This makes it a lot easier for your...

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Developing a Process Heat Map in IBM Blueworks Live

In this article, I will introduce practices for developing and analyzing a process heat map in IBM Blueworks Live. A process heat map is usually a high-level process blueprint that provides an overview of a number of lower level processes. It is used to determine areas of focus for further...