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What Does Modernization Mean for Automation? On September 22, Business Automation User Group Day Focuses on Keeping Pace

More than 65 years ago, Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, noticed that computing was dramatically increasing in power, and decreasing in relative cost, at an exponential pace. The insight, known as Moore's Law, has essentially held true, driving increasingly faster change for technology users...

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Community Rockstar: Matt Passini, Co-President of the Midwest User Group

Matt Passini is a Manager of Information Systems at Acuity Insurance and co-president of the Midwest User Group, which maintains a presence in Wisconsin and Minnesota, with co-president Michael Custard. As the Midwest User Group gears up for its annual User Group Event on September 22, I spoke...

IBM Datacap

IBM® Datacap software is a key capability of the IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation . It streamlines the capture, recognition and classification of business documents. Its natural language processing, text analytics and machine learning technologies identify, classify and extract content...

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Information on the Latest Datacap iFixes

Datacap 9.1.7 iFix 5 Released: April 8, 2021 Datacap 9.1.8 iFix 1 Released: June 29, 2021 Let me know if you can not access the files. #IBMDatacap #opticalcharacterrecognition(OCR) #capture ​​​​

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What's New in Datacap: Summer 2021

Key Update: I mproved OCR recognition in Datacap Datacap has significantly improved its OCR capabilities, with a focus on documents that can be challenging to process. For example, driver's licenses and other ID cards vary heavily from location to location and often have background...

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IBM Capture User Group Debuts with a Special Event June 24 at 3 PM ET

There’s a new DBA User Group that focuses on the issues and concerns of document processing and capture professionals, called the Capture User Group . The group came together in 2021 and the Board agreed on a set of priorities and lined up the first Event, open to all who care to join, ...

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Datacap documents processing in IBM Automation Document Processing (ADP)

IBM® Datacap is an ingestion client for Automation Document Processing (ADP). ADP is available exclusively with the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation V 20.0.3 release. Datacap users can have the option of processing documents in ADP. The integrated digital transformation environment can help you...


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IBM Datacap Accelerator Integrations - Part 1

When it comes to extracting information from the documents, today, there are few business operations which involve manual extraction of information from the documents. This manual extraction of information not only slows down the processing but could also be expensive, time consuming - when...

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