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Round Up 2020 “Two Questions About Automation”

Want to learn what you need to know about Automation, but you don’t have much time? “Two Questions About Automation” was designed for you. The series debuted in 2020 and featured subject matter experts from IBM as well as leaders from our Clients and Business Partners. Each guest must answer...

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Lightning Talk - Overhauling a BPM system to make it future-proof

Every company has processes that organize and secure its functioning internally. In this 5 minute video we would like to tell you ab out a project that deals with such processes (as well as the technology used in this context ). Our client already had an IT system which we...

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A Note on Performance of JavaScript in IBM Business Automation Workflow

Authors: Andrea Baader & Georg Sander JavaScript in IBM BAW IBM Cloud Pak for Automation is IBM’s Cloud solution for all automation needs. IBM Business Automation Workflow, which is part of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, provides automated workflow capabilities for business process...

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IBM RPA with WDG Update Webinar for EMEA Business Partners on Tuesday, January 12

If you have attended one of the RPA with WDG virtual technical workshops delivered for EMEA Business Partners last autumn, I want to make you aware of an upcoming 1 hour webinar. Since our hands-on workshops, the product has continuously evolved, with several completely new technical and...

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What's the Problem?

IBM Blueworks Live is your front door to digital transformation with the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation. The digital transformation journey starts with the Gather phase, where the focus is on identifying a sponsor and business goals, building your team of business and technical subject matter...

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How to monitor operator log during IBM Business Automation Workflow on container install

The IBM Business Automation workflow on container install process can be divided into four stages Generally speaking. Planning, preparing, installing and completing. This blog can help you on the installing stage. In install stage you will have target operator installed. And the operator will...

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As COVID-19 Accelerates Automation Adoption, Here's How Businesses Are Helping Displaced Workers

Back in March, when it first became clear that the COVID-19 pandemic would require serious mitigation efforts to control, businesses didn't have much time to think about how those measures would reshape their businesses. They had little choice but to respond to local restrictions by cobbling...

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User Management Services Deployment Guide for IBM Cloud Pak for Automation Beginners - Part 1

Authors: Larissa Auberger, Benjamin Wende Reviewers: Jürgen Neth, Georg Sander, Jens Engelke Introduction This document is intended to guide you through the deployment of the User Management Services (UMS) in IBM Cloud Pak for Automation 20.0.3. The User Management Services...

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ODM 8.10.5 facilitates adoption of the Business console

IBM Operational Decision Manager 8.10.5, a long-term support release, simplifies and facilitates the path towards ODM 8.10 and decision services in the Business console. What's new in ODM 8.10.5 Long-term support IBM ODM 8.10 uses the Continuous Delivery support model ...

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Announcing IBM Business Automation Workflow

I'm happy to announce the general availability of the latest version of IBM Business Automation Workflow, available today with the Cloud Pak for Automation 20.0.3 and as a standalone offering, IBM Business Automation Workflow Version This release includes significant new features that...

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