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Wondering Why an Automation Platform is a Good Thing? See For Yourself.

When IBM combined ECM and Digital Process Divisions to create Digital Business Automation in 2018, a key strategy was the creation of a platform that integrates all automation capabilities into a single offering. The first priority for Development was integrating Capture, Content Management,...

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IBM Workflow RFE Process making changes

Dear IBM Workflow, Case, and BPM users, The Workflow/BPM/Case Offering Management team will be making changes to the internal RFE process to better serve our customers. As part of this effort, we are reviewing a large portion of current enhancement requests and making decisions based on age...

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Dynamic Bar Chart Design

Charts are normally used to ease the understanding of large quantities of data and relationships between parts of the data. The main benefit of chart is that it can be read more quickly than the raw dataset. We have 7 types of Charts in UI toolkit in IBM Business Automation Workflow named as ...

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Process management using REST APIs

IBM BAW provides a comprehensive source control ability using Workflow center. Using Workflow center and process admin, this provides the ability to manage and govern a process during its lifecycle from development, deploying to staging environments and production. As well, they provides the...

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A Technical Introduction to Business Automation Workflow on Containers

This technical deep dive on Business Automation Workflow on Containers covers: licensing architecture benefits any limitations in preparing your BPM, Workflow, and Case apps running on BAW on containers. Below is a detailed presentation and video. Watch as Paul...

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REST API Access to BAW

Hi there, I am new to BAW and comming from CSD. Is there an REST API that I can develop solution similar to Navigator? #Featured-area-2 #Featured-area-2-home #BusinessAutomationWorkflow(BAW)

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IBM Business Automation Workflow Using IBM Operational Decision Manager Decision Service

Demonstrates how you can discover and use the IBM Operational Decision Manager decision service in IBM Business Automation Workflow. #BusinessAutomationWorkflow(BAW) #OperationalDecisionManager(ODM) #BPM #Highlights #Medium #Highlights-home

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Reminder: BAW Webinar on Tuesday, July 28

Here's a quick reminder: don't miss your chance to see the some of the latest features in Version of IBM Business Automation Workflow. Register now for " Three ways to i ncrease speed, agility and resilience in your operations with process automation . " The webinar will be live on...

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IBM Business Automation Workflow Released!

The latest version of IBM Business Automation Workflow,, has been released! Check out what's new in the Knowledge Center . #BusinessAutomationWorkflow(BAW)

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IBM Business Automation Workflow - Now on Containers with Other New Features

IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW), which was introduced in 2018 to bring together the market-leading offerings IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) and IBM Case Manager, continues to improve as a robust , modern workflow platform. Version 20.0 .0.1 of Business Automation...

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