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A Note on Performance of JavaScript in IBM Business Automation Workflow

Authors: Andrea Baader & Georg Sander JavaScript in IBM BAW IBM Cloud Pak for Automation is IBM’s Cloud solution for all automation needs. IBM Business Automation Workflow, which is part of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, provides automated workflow capabilities for business process...

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How to monitor operator log during IBM Business Automation Workflow on container install

The IBM Business Automation workflow on container install process can be divided into four stages Generally speaking. Planning, preparing, installing and completing. This blog can help you on the installing stage. In install stage you will have target operator installed. And the operator will...

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IBM Business Automation Workflow V20 applies security hardening by default

When you ran automated security vulnerability test tools to scan your IBM Business Automation Workflow applications (as you should) before V20.0.0.1, there were several findings that can be addressed by configuration. The technote Interpreting IBM Security AppScan findings for IBM Business...

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Announcing IBM Business Automation Workflow

I'm happy to announce the general availability of the latest version of IBM Business Automation Workflow, available today with the Cloud Pak for Automation 20.0.3 and as a standalone offering, IBM Business Automation Workflow Version This release includes significant new features that...

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Using environment variables in IBM Business Automation Application

Imagine you are creating an expense reimbursement App (IBM Business Automation Application) for your company. There is a limit that cannot be exceeded for any reimbursement. However, the limit can be different in different regions (suppose each geographic region has its own ICP4A deployment)....

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Use Case Configuration Tool to enable case feature in Business Automation Workflow

To enable Case feature in Business Automation Workflow, you need to do three things. Run BPMConfig command to create deployment environment. The command will also create a profile which will be used in Case Configuration Tool later . This profile is different from WebSphere Application...

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What’s new in IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) on Cloud

Did you know that the Workflow capabilities you use today are available as a managed service on the IBM Cloud? IBM Business Automation Workflow combine s business process management and case management capabilities to provide a 360-degree view of work. You can use it to optimize business...

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Accessing your on-premises IBM BAW setup from Cloud using IBM Secure Gateway

Problem: IBM BAW product is installed in IBM Fyre ( or any on-premises) environment. If you need to access the BAW applications and its Web URLs (e.g. Workflow Center, Process Designer, ProcessAdmin console etc.) without using company VPN, it is not possible by default. Solution Summary:...


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Wondering Why an Automation Platform is a Good Thing? See For Yourself.

When IBM combined ECM and Digital Process Divisions to create Digital Business Automation in 2018, a key strategy was the creation of a platform that integrates all automation capabilities into a single offering. The first priority for Development was integrating Capture, Content Management,...

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IBM Workflow RFE Process making changes

Dear IBM Workflow, Case, and BPM users, The Workflow/BPM/Case Offering Management team will be making changes to the internal RFE process to better serve our customers. As part of this effort, we are reviewing a large portion of current enhancement requests and making decisions based on age...

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