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Poor Multi-Lingual Support Still Limits the Spread of Chatbots

A few years back, experts predicted that chatbots would become a widespread all-purpose customer service tool in every industry. They have since become widespread. But all-purpose? Not so much. As it turned out, the AI and NLP technology that powered early chatbots weren't as mature as...

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How to use the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) Chat-bot to get Expected Answer

Recently most of our products have introduced chat-bot functionality to enable customer quick access to product’s knowledge which keeps enablement and support documents. The document base is huge, so we leverage Watson technology to help customers find interesting materials in quick manner in a...

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IBM’s New Robotic Process Automation Product is very Chatty

Perhaps you heard that IBM acquired a Robotic Process Automation vendor this summer, a Brazilian company called WDG Automation. Since IBM already had relationships with Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and UIPath, you might wonder why the need for another? WDG Automation CEO, Robson Felix...

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