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Setting Dynamic Data to a Table

Tables are the most structured way to represent data. The most common way to create tables is using static headers and rows. This article explains how to add dynamic columns and rows to the table along with custom cells. This is applicable to Automation Application Designer as well as BPM UI...

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IBM Business Automation Workflow Using IBM Operational Decision Manager Decision Service

Demonstrates how you can discover and use the IBM Operational Decision Manager decision service in IBM Business Automation Workflow. #BusinessAutomationWorkflow(BAW) #OperationalDecisionManager(ODM) #BPM #Highlights #Medium #Highlights-home

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IBM Business Automation Workflow Team Filtering and Direct Assignment

Another way to set task assignment when the default doesn’t meet user requirement When creating process flow in IBM Business Automation Workflow, user assignments are completed through the assignment of a team to a swim lane. However, commonly, the business may have reasons that they wish to...

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Becoming a Process Modeling Ninja: Proven Best Practices for the Enterprise

Written by: Laurent Tillette de Clermont-Tonnerre Please join us for this FREE half-day event and learn from our IBM Process Pros! We’ll take you on a hands-on and interactive tour of IBM's process discovery and design tool. Come and learn process best practices...

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