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  • 1.  DVS Alternatives in IBM Decision Center Business Console

    Posted Fri July 21, 2023 03:25 PM

    Hi.  I have a federal client that uses ODM extensively, but have gone away from using DVS for testing.  Rather they like using SoapUI or Postman to sent HTTP requests to their deployed ruleapp.  Has there been any thoughts around being able to integrate REST API tools in Business Console?  My client wanted their business resources to be responsible for authoring rules in ODM, but the complexity of the ruleapp input object made managing test scenarios using DVS very difficult (i.e., numerous tabs to fill out in XLSX file).  As such, the authoring and testing of rules have been assigned to the client's IT resources.

    For instance, as part of the testing set up for a Change Activity, it would be nice to select "Postman" as the testing tool. Doing so would automatically generate a form that you could fill out with test data before selected the target server to use, and sending it.  In the background, Decision Center would create a Postman Collection with the name of the Change Activity, configure the target server RES API service, generate the ODM request (based on the data entered in the form), and then executing the request. The response could use the default visualization method of DVS.

    Raffaele Cocucci

  • 2.  RE: DVS Alternatives in IBM Decision Center Business Console

    Posted Mon July 24, 2023 03:34 AM

    Hello Raffaele,

    thank you for your detailed description. Today, there is a UI in the RES Console to test the execution of a ruleset, with JSON or XML input. But I agree it would be nice to have a similar capability in the Business Console. For any request like this one, I strongly recommend that you enter an Idea for ODM at .

    There might be workarounds today, using some customization features:

    • use Decision Runner (the new name for DVS), with a custom scenario provider and possibly a custom resource file containing JSON / XML input
    • add a custom tab / action to the Business Console, to display a custom form and launch an execution

    But these customizations require some advanced dev work (better to get help from Lab Experts).


    Antony Viaud
    Product Manager, IBM Decision Automation

  • 3.  RE: DVS Alternatives in IBM Decision Center Business Console

    Posted Mon July 24, 2023 05:30 AM

    Hi Raffaele,

    If you need to make some kind of customization, XMLUnit is a great java library which I have used before to do what you describe. You can create an actual and an expected XML and then use the XMLUnit diff engine to compare the the two. You will however need to write quite a bit of code.

    FYI A much earlier version of ODM -  ILOG JRules 6 - used XML for testing. It was called Rule Scenario Manager (RSM) with which you created and ran tests in XML format.

    It was replaced by DVS which in turn replaced by Decision Runner both of which use Excel for test data.

    Peter Warde

  • 4.  RE: DVS Alternatives in IBM Decision Center Business Console

    Posted Tue July 25, 2023 02:44 AM
    Edited by Emmanuel Bonnet Tue July 25, 2023 02:45 AM

    Hi Rafaelle,

    For single testing, I have suggested an idea here to create a test configuration available in the Rule Designer, this could be extended to the business console I guess.



    Emmanuel Bonnet

  • 5.  RE: DVS Alternatives in IBM Decision Center Business Console

    Posted Thu July 27, 2023 02:08 PM
    Hi Raffaele,

    Good suggestion! In the meantime, if you end up using Excel test suites I'd encourage you to make use of the free Excel add-in I've developed to better navigate the spreadsheet: check it out here.

    I've also developed Java-based tools to convert json request/response to Test suites or to directly run json requests on a RES server and compare with expected json response. If you are interested in any of these tools, please contact me.


    Raj Rao

    ODM Architect | RuleScape Consulting LLC | 404.931.5223 |