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Analytics dashboard data are not consistent

  • 1.  Analytics dashboard data are not consistent

    Posted Tue January 30, 2024 03:38 PM
    The customer requested a dasboard with a widget showing the number of cases for each month. By applying the filters, the data the tool shows are not consistent, in particular for the month of October 2023, the tool correctly displays the open cases for each day but on 1 and 31 October the values are not consistent (some cases are allocated to September)
    We have corrected the time zone issue (the tool was adding 2 hours to the various time stamps) but still the data does not match, in particular by filtering with a card the total number of open cases is 820. whereas the line graph says that the cases open on 1 October are 767 and 53 in September (which does not make sense because we only put a filter on 1 October)
    It seems that in the extremes of the month it does not calculate the data correctly

    Mirco Vaccalluzzo

  • 2.  RE: Analytics dashboard data are not consistent

    Posted Wed January 31, 2024 03:13 AM

    Hello Mirco, 
    It's difficult to help without more details. Can you contact your local IBM tech sales, and me in copy?

    Patrick Megard