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Application logging

  • 1.  Application logging

    Posted 11 days ago
    Hello community members,
    I am interested in how application logging is being done in BAW processes today. By "application logging" I mean the additional log entries that many of us put into our process definitions. I have seen two approaches:
    1. Build a "log service" that is inserted into process activities at appropriate points. This is architecturally nice but it makes the diagrams larger and perhaps tougher to read.
    2. Insert code into existing service components or as pre/post script
    I am very interested other if anyone has a a different approach?

    The next part of application logging that interests me is how to activate/deactivate and how to apply granularity. I have seen values read from some place (DB, file, etc) at process initiation and I have seen use of environment variables. Are there other, better approaches? Lastly, just how much granularity is required for this sort of logging? 

    Looking forward to hearing what people think on this

    Thank you

    Stuart Jones
    Business Automation Technical Specialist

  • 2.  RE: Application logging

    Posted 6 days ago
    My way is like option 1, but implemented as an external service linked to a Java Component that exposes several log functions with different parameters (processapp, message, etc.)  in the Java component I use  Log4Java standard library. So all the parametrización is done by log4j, for instance to selectively activate/deactivate logs by level (INFO; SEVERE, etc.), redirect to output files, etc. All you need to do is to expose in the API of you Java componente whatever parametrización you want to make available to the processes.

    Eduardo Izquierdo Lázaro
    Automation Architect