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IBM Process Mining 1.12 Announcement

By Yakura Coffee posted Fri September 24, 2021 11:21 AM

I am excited to announce that as of Friday, September 24th, 2021, IBM Cloud Paks for Automation will soon have new and enhanced product features. 
These updates make it easier than ever to automate more types of work at speed and scale. Check out some of the new exciting updates to this version:
  • Enhanced Version of Task Mining 
  • Technical Preview of Predictive Analytics: Leverage Automation suggestions & predictions
  • Process Mining capabilities are coming soon in Cloud Pak for Business Automation as a Service
New & Improved Product Features: 
  • Redesign in Task Mining that uses a data-driven, no-code approach where the behavior is derived directly from user interactions. Record context switches to discover work time and idle time. No-code capabilities allow for the discovery of the main patterns of performing a business activity along with the most efficient ways to complete the activity by identifying deviations and inefficiencies. No code provides an enhanced discovery of the working patterns to be automated, with the best trade-off between benefits and complexity.
  • Technical Preview of Predictive Analytics leveraging Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to handle various predictions on running processes such as lead time and costs related to predefined KPIs. Multi-path handling allows the process owner to select multiple paths to analyze with the ML Platform. Smart training of the ML models triggers the training only when necessary to help capture the best performance and save computational resources. 
  • Processes Mining capabilities are coming soon in Cloud Pak for Business Automation as a Service to extend the comprehensive platform for automating business operations. Customers can choose to consume Process Mining capabilities to fit business needs using FlexPoints. The capabilities within the Cloud Pak for Business Automation as a Service are each valued at a given number of FlexPoints which organizations can purchase, allocate and adjust deployment at any time, as needed, to scale solutions.
For more details on this announcement including download requirements, visit see the Process Mining Documentation. If you are interested in these new and exciting features, please contact your IBM Automation Seller.

Register here for our upcoming webcast on Tuesday, October 19:  How to Create a Future-Proof Automation Strategy with IBM Process Mining