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IBM Process Mining Wins TrustRadius 2024 Top Rated Award

By Sophie Kim Yen Liem posted Fri May 10, 2024 11:41 AM


IBM Process Mining Wins TrustRadius 2024 Top Rated Award

IBM Process Mining earns recognition in the Process Mining category

We're thrilled to announce that IBM Process Mining has been recognized with a TrustRadius 2024 Top Rated Award in the Process Mining category. This award, based entirely on customer reviews and satisfaction ratings, reflects our commitment to helping businesses gain actionable insights and optimize their business processes.

What makes this award special?

TrustRadius is a trusted buyer intelligence platform that helps businesses make confident decisions. Their awards are based entirely on reviews and customer sentiment, and earning this accolade means IBM Process Mining is truly valued by our users.

  • trScore: 8.9 out of 10
  • Category: Process Mining

“Earning a Top Rated Award means the vendor has excellent customer satisfaction and proven credibility. It’s based entirely on reviews and customer sentiment,” said Becky Susko, TrustRadius, Marketing Program Manager of Awards.

Why IBM Process Mining?

IBM Process Mining empowers teams to uncover inefficiencies and opportunities for process improvement with actionable insights. Our customers have shared their experiences using IBM Process Mining on TrustRadius, highlighting its ability to deliver exceptional results:

  • Complex Problem Solving:
    "Being an excellent process mining tool, this software has different functions to solve all the complex problems, obtaining the reports immediately, which makes us make any decision that is necessary for the organization. The intelligent automation that it has makes everything faster and well done..."
    Verified User, Team Lead in Information Technology, IT & Services Company, 10,001+ employees

  • Effective Process Improvement:
    "It is a very effective system to improve processes that are not working fully... [IBM Process Mining] is a software with more powerful results than other software that performs the same. Indeed, adaptation to each department was achieved, since it is very easy to implement and anchor to the different departments that use it."
    Alonzo Marquez, Information Technology Consultant, Wells Fargo (Financial Services, 10,001+ employees)

  • Optimizing Workflows:
    "As an Operations [Manager]... IBM Process Mining enables me to streamline and automate workflows and business processes effectively. This tool enables me to analyze business processes so as to identify areas of process improvement."
    Raghav Sharma, Operations Manager, Stanley Chemicals Private Limited (Chemicals, 51-200 employees)

  • ROI and Sustainable Growth:
    "In our operational framework, we employ cutting-edge technology to precisely identify operational inefficiencies, subsequently strategizing and prioritizing automation initiatives based on their potential impact and expected Return on Investment (ROI)..."
    Verified User, Employee in Quality Assurance, IT & Services Company, 10,001+ employees

Explore IBM Process Mining for Free

We're honored to receive this award and grateful to our customers for their invaluable feedback. You can read more about it in the official IBM blog post here.

If you're new to IBM Process Mining and want to experience its capabilities firsthand, we invite you to sign up for a 30-day free trial and see how it can help your organization identify opportunities for improvement and streamline business processes.