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Introducing IBM Process Mining 1.14.4

By Sophie Kim Yen Liem posted Fri March 29, 2024 07:27 AM


Every day, your business operations become more dynamic. With IBM Process Mining 1.14.4, they also become more extraordinary. This latest update brings an array of features that transform how you interact with, analyze, and optimize your business processes, making every step toward operational excellence more intuitive and impactful.

Elevate Your Insight with NextGen Process Mining

Unlock the Power of Advanced Analytics – Dive into a new dimension of process analytics where flexibility meets functionality. NextGen Analytics within IBM Process Mining 1.14.4 allows you to craft custom reports effortlessly, offering insights that cater precisely to executive needs and strategic decision-making. Transform data into decisions faster and with more accuracy than ever before.

Seamless Integration with IBM BAW Meets Operational Efficiency

Optimize with IBM BAW – The integration of IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) and IBM Process Mining has never been more seamless. Enhance your digital workflows, identify efficiencies, and eliminate bottlenecks, all within a system designed to elevate your operational efficiency to its peak with this new process app.

Actionable Insights at Your Command

Prescriptive Process Mining: The Future of Optimization – What if improving your processes was as easy as clicking a button? With Prescriptive Process Mining, it is. This feature bridges the gap between insight and action, offering one-click solutions to enhance your operations. It’s not just analytics; it’s your roadmap to operational excellence.

Step Into the Future of Process Mining

With IBM Process Mining 1.14.4, the future of operational excellence is not just envisioned—it's here. As we continue to innovate and expand the capabilities of our solutions, your journey toward optimized business processes is just beginning.

We’re also eager to hear your feedback. Share your thoughts and ideas through the IBM Ideas Portal. Your insights are essential in our continuous journey of innovation.

To dive deeper into IBM Process Mining 1.14.4 (generally available March 29, 2024), explore our release notes, and if you haven’t tried it yet, begin your 30-day free trial today!

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