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Introducing IBM Process Mining 1.14.3

By Sophie Kim Yen Liem posted Fri December 15, 2023 06:03 AM


We are thrilled to announce the release of IBM Process Mining 1.14.3, a landmark update that propels process intelligence to new heights. This version focuses on delivering intuitive, actionable insights and enhanced performance, catering to the evolving needs of business leaders.

What’s New?

  1. Prescriptive Process Mining (Preview): Upload your process data, and IBM Process Mining will provide a comprehensive, automated analysis. It identifies problems, suggests actionable solutions, and predicts potential benefits, articulated clearly in natural language. This streamlined approach transforms data into strategic insights effortlessly. This cutting-edge feature is available as a tech preview for all our users, offering them advanced analytical capabilities and insights.
    • A detailed view of the Process Duration section within IBM Process Mining software, showcasing an analysis from March 10, 2022, to October 26, 2022. The report highlights the average process duration at 7 days and 13 hours, against a benchmark of 6 days, indicating a 25.54% increase over the standard. Insights reveal 'Change in person assigned' as a significant factor contributing to the increase, occurring in 9.56% of cases. The line graph contrasts the average process duration with instances of change in person assigned, emphasizing the impact with a 154.13% higher duration compared to the expected average.
      Insight Report Enhancement: Elevate your process understanding with our enhanced insight reports, offering comprehensive, automated analysis in an easy-to-digest format.
    • Screenshot from IBM Process Mining software, depicting the 'Recommended Actions' section for addressing issues that increase process duration. The image shows three main recommendations: 'Reactively monitor' to preempt issues, 'Start an investigation' to understand the process in-depth, and 'Deploy Task Mining' to gain granular data on the changes in person assigned. Each recommendation comes with an icon illustration and a brief description of the action to be taken. This section assists in proactive management and resolution of process bottlenecks, demonstrating the software's capability to not only identify but also suggest actionable steps towards process optimization.
      Actions and Benefits: Go beyond insights with actionable recommendations and quantifiable benefits, simplifying decision-making processes.
    • Screenshot illustrating the 'Benefits' tab in the IBM Process Mining software. It presents a scenario analysis where reducing the 'Change in person assigned' occurrences by 50% could lead to significant improvements: the average process duration would decrease to 6 days and 22 hours, an 8.14% improvement; average process cost would decrease to EUR 32.15, a 3.23% improvement; and average resolution rejected would decrease to 0.05, an 11.01% improvement. Furthermore, the projected annual savings are displayed, amounting to EUR 5,381.51, thereby underlining the financial impact of process optimization.
      Extended Root Cause Analysis: Delve deeper into your process data with our advanced root cause analysis, identifying underlying issues more effectively.
    • Document export: Seamlessly transform your prescriptive process mining analysis into PDF format, enabling easy sharing and archiving for further reference and collaborative review.
  2. New, Streamlined Analytics: 
    • Performance Boost: Experience unprecedented performance in process mining, even with large datasets, ensuring scalability and efficiency.
    • Animated GIF providing a preview of the enhanced analytics platform within IBM Process Mining software. The animation cycles through various screens and dashboards, highlighting the modern user interface and customizable data visualization features. It shows multiple types of charts and graphs, including donut charts, bar graphs, and case variant tables, each providing critical insights into process metrics. This sneak peek showcases the platform's capabilities for a superior data visualization experience that supports in-depth analysis and decision-making.
      Analytics Preview: A sneak peek into our upgraded analytics platform, boasting a modern UI and customizable options for a superior data visualization experience.
  3. Task Mining Enhancements: 
    • An infographic from the IBM Task Mining tool illustrating various user working patterns. The visualization provides a 'Page View' and 'Application View' of a sequence of tasks, with each block representing an application used in the workflow, such as Excel, Notepad, and CalculatorApp. The workflow patterns are color-coded, with purple for Excel, red for critical system applications, and green for CalculatorApp, indicating the order and frequency of use. The graphic displays five different working patterns, each occurring once, enabling users to identify and understand how tasks are executed, which is essential for process optimization and effective task automation.
      Automatic Detection of Working Patterns: Discover user working patterns instantly, streamlining process optimization and task automation efforts.
  4. Process Application Scheduling: 
    • A screenshot of the 'Edit Process App schedule settings' dialog in IBM Process Mining. The interface offers options to replace existing data or perform an incremental update. Users can see the 'From last execution date' field, which is read-only, showing the date of August 21, 2023. Below, there are options to select the periodicity of the execution—yearly, monthly, or weekly—and a dropdown to select specific days of the week for the task to run. The image exemplifies how users can conveniently schedule and automate the execution of process apps, ensuring data is consistently refreshed for up-to-date process analysis.
      Efficient process app management: Schedule the execution of process apps at your convenience, allowing for consistent data updates and streamlined process analyses. This feature facilitates the automation of routine tasks and ensures that your process data is always up-to-date.
  5. Enhanced and Simplified Process Modeling Interface:dsdfsf
    • Interface screenshot displaying a comprehensive process mining model within IBM Automation software, optimized for laptop screen viewing. The BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) diagram details the flow of tasks within a software development lifecycle, highlighting key stages such as 'Issue Created', 'Issue Assigned', and 'Move to In Progress'. The interface also includes a sidebar with a summary of the total cases and events, as well as a 'Process variants' panel that lists different paths through the process with their corresponding frequencies and durations. This screen adaptation ensures an enhanced viewing experience, with improved usability and accessibility for users working on standard laptop screens.
      Laptop Screen Adaptation: Enjoy an enhanced user interface that is thoughtfully redesigned for optimal viewing on standard laptop screens, improving usability and accessibility.
  6. Process Mining SaaS Usage Monitoring: 
    • Data-Driven Success Measurement: Keep track of your IBM Process Mining SaaS usage and the effectiveness of prescriptive process mining with our comprehensive monitoring tools.
  7. Elevate Work Order Management with IBM Maximo®: 
    • This image presents the synergy between IBM Process Mining and IBM Maximo, highlighting the Process Excellence Value Triangle with its three key components: Efficiency, Compliance, and Experience. On the left, a colorful triangle diagram with circular arrows depicts the continuous improvement cycle. On the right, a detailed table compares observed and target KPIs, including MTTR (Mean Time to Repair), First Time Fix Rate, and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), with targets based on IBM Business Value Research across industries. The comparison underscores the app’s capability to streamline the work order lifecycle, drive timely maintenance, and support data-driven decision making for improved asset management in IBM Maximo.
      Meet the Work Order Management for IBM Maximo Process Application from IBM Consulting: this process app integrates seamlessly with IBM Maximo, transforming work order efficiency. It streamlines the entire lifecycle of work orders, from initiation to closure, ensuring timely execution of maintenance tasks, reducing backlogs, and promoting operational excellence. Experienced data-driven decision-making, effective work order monitoring, predictive maintenance scheduling, and seamless integration with IBM Maximo for improved asset management. Learn more about the Work Order Management for IBM Maximo Process Application.

We're immensely proud of this release and confident it will significantly enhance your continuous process optimization journey. We're eagerly waiting to hear your feedback. Share your thoughts and ideas through the IBM Ideas Portal. Your insights are invaluable in our continuous journey of innovation.

To dive deeper into IBM Process Mining 1.14.3, explore our release notes, and if you haven’t tried it yet, begin your 30-day free trial today!

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