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Announcing Process Mining 1.14.0

By Sophie Kim Yen Liem posted Fri April 28, 2023 07:54 AM


We are pleased to announce the latest version of IBM Process Mining v1.14.0. This release contains new features and functionality, including the delivery of five out-of-the-box Process Applications, a custom Process Application Builder, and multi-vendor support for RPA Bot scaffolding. 

New Features

    • Process Application Builder: A new framework to enable partners to build their own Process Applications. A Process Application is an out-of-the-box solution that accelerates improvement initiatives for specific processes. Process Applications provide pre-built dashboards and insights, software connectors and data extractors that automatically execute data preparation, and provide benchmark business solutions. Process Applications are standardized to be reusable and drastically reduce the time to deliver a project for our clients and partners.
  • Process Applications:
    • Sustainable procurement from IBM Consulting: Enable procurement leaders to optimize procurement spend, identify extensive manual efforts, highlight long purchase order fulfillment times and delays in receiving goods and services, and identify maverick buying and sub-optimal user experiences.
    • Mortgage lending from IBM Consulting: Help lenders improve customer service and grow the business by identifying lengthy loan approval and closing cycle times, pinpoint paper-intensive processing activities, and highlight complex process closing KPIs monitored and benchmarked using the process app.
    • Lead to cash from IBM Consulting: Enable sales leaders and chief revenue officers to determine the effectiveness of lead generation efforts and the time and effort of generating sales. Typically, the process operates across different business units (marketing, sales and finance) and enterprise software, making it difficult to measure across the end-to-end workflow.
    • IT service management for ServiceNow from IBM Consulting: Help IT leaders discover, enhance and monitor the end-to-end lifecycle of an incident, identify and benchmark KPIs, and automate quick actions to avoid degradation of the KPIs/SLAs and alerts for monitoring process health.
    • Software development lifecycle for GitHub: Reduce the risk of late or incomplete product releases and ensure high-quality product standards while upskilling your team and boosting efficiency. Try this Process Application at no cost!
Enhancements available in IBM Process Mining 1.14.0:
    • RPA Bot Scaffolding for Multiple Vendors: IBM Process Mining now supports RPA bot skeleton creation for more vendors, including ready-to-use skeletons for UiPath. Generate an RPA bot skeleton from analyzed business activities and according to the selected process variants to accelerate RPA Bot deployment.
    • Out-of-the-box Connection for IBM MQ for Data Streaming Integration: Retrieve process events in near-real time to continuously update process analyses and react in a timely manner to unexpected process behaviors.
    • Enhanced view of the custom metrics across the entire process analysis: Custom metrics are available when looking at the process statistics, variant analysis, and conformance checking. Custom metrics are also available in the Compare capability when looking at the simulation and gap analysis results.
    • Snapshot management tab on parent processes: Access and manage the process snapshot directly in the Manage tab.
  • New Carbon 11 design for the Task Mining agent: Overall performance improvements and new Carbon 11 design for the Task Mining agent. 

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To learn more, explore IBM Process Mining, the new Process Applications, the release notes, and sign up for your no-cost trial today!

For more information on how IBM Process Mining can help organizations accelerate process improvement and automation initiatives, join our webinar on May 23, 2023, with Bill Lobig, Vice President of IBM Automation Product Management, and Tom Ivory, Senior Partner and Global Leader for Automation at IBM.