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IBM Consulting and IBM Process Mining Launch Five New Process Applications to Accelerate Process Improvement Initiatives

By Sophie Kim Yen Liem posted Wed April 12, 2023 11:05 AM


We are thrilled to announce the launch of five new Process Applications for IBM Process Mining in collaboration with IBM Consulting. The Process Applications are the latest addition to our suite of capabilities, designed to accelerate process discovery, analysis, and optimization.


The Process Applications are pre-built solutions, including dashboards, connectors, and other modules for all IBM Process Mining users to improve performance across various business processes. These Process Applications are integrated with the IBM Process Mining solution, providing a seamless experience for users to extend the functionality of IBM Process Mining and tackle process inefficiencies faster. By partnering with IBM Consulting, we are bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the development of these Process Applications, ensuring that they are designed to deliver maximum value to our users.

The Process Applications cover a wide range of use cases, from procurement and supply chain management to customer journey and IT operations. The five new applications:

  1. IT service management for ServiceNow: this Process Application from IBM Consulting leverages the IBM Process Excellence (PEX) Value Triangle framework to improve the entire incident lifecycle, from monitoring performance to action flows. It enables users to get data faster from ServiceNow and take proactive measures to optimize IT efficiency and improve user experience.
  2. Sustainable procurement: this Process Application from IBM Consulting supports companies interested in developing purpose-driven procurement functions. It tracks and measures performance in the purchasing process and provides critical indicators such as lead time, rework rate, rush purchase orders, maverick buying, approval rate, CO2 emissions, and supplier sustainability ratings. It leverages the IBM PEX Value Triangle framework to improve the process in three vital areas: efficiency, compliance, and experience.
  3. Mortgage lending: this Process Application from IBM Consulting supports lenders by incorporating the IBM PEX Value Triangle framework to identify process inefficiencies and assess the impact on crucial lending metrics such as loan approval rate, % cases for investigation, and NPS rating, resulting in actionable insights that can enhance customer retention rate, reduce customer acquisition cost, and improve credit management and monitoring.
  4. Lead-to-cash: this Process Application from IBM Consulting is great for international companies. The Process Application helps reduce the time and cost of the entire process, from lead management to cash flow, while ensuring tighter process compliance by identifying issues and blocks in the end-to-end process pipeline. It streamlines the process and improves profitability and revenue growth by improving the lead conversion rate, reducing revenue leakage, and enhancing the performance of KPIs like lead time and automation rate.
  5. Software development lifecycle for GitHub – this Process Application from IBM Process Mining is great for product and release managers looking to optimize their software product releases. IBM Process Mining goes beyond GitHub’s reports on static KPIs, showing how team interactions impact development efficiency while detecting risks and preventing delays. The Process Application helps reduce the risk of incomplete or late releases and helps ensure high-quality standards, all while improving development productivity and efficiency. Try this Process Application now at no cost!

The Process Applications for IBM Process Mining is a flexible toolkit that can be tailored to the unique needs of its users. More Process Applications that tackle challenges in specific use cases and different industries are currently under development.

The Process Applications are a game-changer for IBM Process Mining users. Providing access to a wide range of Process Applications empowers our users to take control of their processes and drive meaningful change in their organizations. We are confident that these Process Applications will help users to achieve their goals faster, with less effort, and greater impact.

For more information about IBM Process Mining and how it can help an organization accelerate process improvement and automation initiatives, join our webinar on June 15, 2023 with Bill Lobig, Vice President of IBM Automation Product Management, and Tom Ivory, Senior Partner and Global Leader for Automation at IBM.

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Wed May 31, 2023 09:15 AM

Can we get the demo video or sample dataset to replicate the setup. would like to see how it helps on sustainability domain