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Traditional IBM Business Automation Workflow Installation by command line(imcl)

By PING MEI posted Tue December 29, 2020 11:25 PM


If you cannot install IBM Business Automation Workflow by GUI or you prefer to use command line to install, you can install it silently using the command line. With this method, you need to run one command to perform the installation.

Before installing IBM Business Automation Workflow, you need to first install Installation Manager, you can see Installing Installation Manager to setup. Once Installation Manager is ready, you can follow the steps to complete your installation. This is an example for installing IBM Business Automation Workflow v20.0.0.2 and assume you already install v20.0.0.1 or previous release.

  1. Download workflow.20002.delta.repository.zip from workflow.20002.delta.repository  to the temporary directory


  1. Download workflow.20001.delta.repository.zip from workflow.20001.delta.repository if you are upgrading from V19.0.0.x or V18.0.0.x (or from IBM BPM V8.6.x or V8.5.x)


  1. WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 Fix Pack 18 is required, you can refer to WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 Fix Pack 18 to download according to your platform. If there are multiple .zip files, you can extract them to the same root directory. For example, extract the three 8.5.5-WS-WAS-FP018 files to staging_directory\WAS85518. Then compress them into one zip file, like was85518.zip


  1. Install IBM Business Automation Workflow v20.0.0.2, run the imclcommand from the tools directory under the Installation Manager installation location: IM_INSTALL_LOCATION/eclipse/tools/imcl install FIX_PACKAGES -acceptLicense -installationDirectory INSTALL_ROOT -repositories REPOSITORY -log LOG_FILE


            The following command is an example of upgrading IBM BPM Advanced on Windows. The command is similar to Linux or AIX. About package ID and features related, you can refer to Table 1. Package IDs
            imcl.exe install com.ibm.websphere.ND.v85 com.ibm.bpm.ADV.v85,WorkflowEnterprise.Production -acceptLicense -installationDirectory "C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer" -repositories C:\workflow\was85518.zip,C:\workflow\workflow.20001.delta.repository.zip,C:\workflow\workflow.20002.delta.repository.zip -log silent_update.txt

           But for Linux on Power LE, the command is different, you can follow the command below.

           The following command is an example of upgrading IBM BPM Advanced on Linux on Power LE.

           ./imcl install com.ibm.bpm.ADV.v85,WorkflowEnterprise.Production com.ibm.websphere.ND.le.v85,core.feature,ejbdeploy,thinclient,embeddablecontainer,samples,com.ibm.sdk.71_64bit -acceptLicense -installationDirectory /opt/IBM/BAW -repositories /bawbuild/repository/WBI,/bawbuild/repository/WAS -showVerboseProgress -log silentinstall.log


           Because Java 7 is supported on Linux on Power LE, you need to download and install Java 8 manually.

           ./imcl install com.ibm.websphere.IBMJAVA.v80 -repositories /location/of/Java8/forfixpack16 -installationDirectory /opt/IBM/BAW -showVerboseProgress -acceptLicense


           Run the following commands to switch the default JDK to version 8:

           /opt/IBM/BAW/bin/managesdk.sh -setCommandDefault -sdkname 1.8_64

           /opt/IBM/BAW/bin/managesdk.sh -setNewProfileDefault -sdkname 1.8_64


  1. After that, you can follow  Configuring profiles and creating a network deployment environment.