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How ODM V8.10.1 helps you monitor your decisions in real time

By Peter Gilliver posted Mon March 25, 2019 03:20 AM


Screen capture of a Decision dashboard
IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.10.1 (ODM) has just been released, and among its many new features, this version of ODM introduces the exciting prospect of being able to monitor your decision-making in real time with IBM Business Automation Insights (BAI).

Both ODM and BAI are part of IBM Digital Business Automation for Multicloud V18.0.2 (DBAMC), which is available for download now.

ODM now includes a dedicated event emitter for BAI,  which has a built-in Decisions dashboard of standard decision metrics such as decisions per second, the number of active rulesets, the number of times a rule or task is executed, and so on. You can also create custom views with BAI to get real-time insights about your decisions. For example, for a loan application you could look at the percentage of loan requests your system accepts, and the quality of those requests.

BAI also enables you to compare the performance of two versions of the same ruleset. In addition, you can anonymize and publish the decision events to a data lake for offline analysis, to correlate with other data sources, or to infuse DBA-based solutions with artificial intelligence recommendations based on the data collected on your decision-making.

Once you have downloaded and installed DBAMC you can try the getting started sample available on the ODMDev GitHub (more samples are in the pipeline--just search for "BAI"), and start to create dashboards that suit your own needs. You can also integrate with BAI when you upgrade to ODM V8.10.1.

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