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What's New in IBM Process Mining 1.13.1

By Meredith Bailey posted Fri September 30, 2022 09:00 AM

We are excited to announce new features and enhancements for the 1.13.1 release of IBM Process Mining. This release includes new functionality to easily trigger corrective action and tailored automations, accelerate process optimization in the P2P process, and deploy RPA bots with ease. 

New Features: 
  • Insight to Action: Allow users to monitor certain behaviors and configure actions based on process conditions. This includes automatic alerts/notifications when unexpected events arise and observe process KPIs to guarantee the management of the process on time and on budget.
  • Process Discovery SAP Procure-to-Pay Accelerator (tech preview): A ready-to-use data extraction and process analysis framework that allows users to analyze both the Accounts Payable and Procurement angles of the P2P process. The accelerator will allow greater visibility into organizations P2P process, provide KPI-monitoring, and identify opportunities to automate manual work. The accelerator will enable users to reduce time to market, minimize maverick buying, and optimize overall spend. 
  • In the previous release of IBM Process Mining, functionality was added to automatically generate RPA Bots based off of the analysis provided by process mining and task mining. Now, in 1.13.1 an RPA Repository has been added to allow users to independently create snippets from the projects' tasks and populate a repository. Such snippets can be referenced to tasks across projects to maintain an external source of RPA snippets that can be easily maintained and updated, allowing faster time-to-development. 
  • Reduced up to 50% time to append new data
  • Optimized Advanced Analytics performance for larger processes.
For more information on the this release, visit the Knowledge Center. To learn more about IBM Process Mining, visit our Product Page or navigate through our free 30-day trial