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ODM Decision Center Enterprise console is deprecated: your next steps

By Marie Girard posted Tue June 01, 2021 03:36 AM

With the release of IBM Operational Decision Manager 8.10.5, the Decision Center Enterprise console has been announced as deprecated. Deprecation is used to notify customers when IBM intends to remove a certain feature or features from a product. Deprecation notifications precede the actual removal of the features. They enable you to anticipate any actions that you may deem to be desirable or necessary to accommodate the removal of the feature or features.

All tasks can now be done through the Business console or REST APIs

The Business console has evolved to cover all Decision Center critical tasks previously managed in the Enterprise console, and more.

Decision Center tasks

Your next steps

  • Enhance governance for business users in the Business console, while gaining better control of your deployments, with decision service projects.
  • Integrate and automate many common activities with Decision Center REST APIs.
  • Improve runtime performance with the decision engine.
  • Contact your account representative or engage with services to migrate customized projects.