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ODM 8.10.5 facilitates adoption of the Business console

By Marie Girard posted Mon December 21, 2020 08:47 AM


IBM Operational Decision Manager 8.10.5, a long-term support release, simplifies and facilitates the path towards ODM 8.10 and decision services in the Business console.

What's new in ODM 8.10.5
What's new in ODM 8.10.5

Long-term support

IBM ODM 8.10 uses the Continuous Delivery support model and is supported for a minimum of three years from the general availability date, with a billable 2-year extension. With this model, new functionality, security updates, and defect fixes are available on the two most recent continuous delivery updates and active LTSRs (long-term support releases).

  • As a long-term support release, ODM 8.10.5 provides defect fixes and security updates for a minimum period of two years from general availability date.
  • The ODM 8.10.2 LTSR will receive defect fixes and security updates until April 30, 2022.

Business console

All Decision Center critical tasks are now available by REST API or directly in the Business console, which means there is no need to use the Enterprise console for these tasks anymore.

  • When business users create a branch for a shared project, they have the option to create branches for dependent projects as well.
  • Admin capabilities such as roles and permissions, extension model configuration are available through REST APIs. Locks can now be managed directly from the Admin UI.
  • Decision modelling continues in Automation Decision Services, and a path is now available for exporting ODM decision models to ADS so that you can benefit from an enhanced decision modeling experience.

System & platform

ODM 8.10.5 is designed to make your upgrades simpler and faster. ODM has continued focus on security, performance, and support of the latest platforms.

  • Sometimes upgrades are incomplete, with components being out of sync, which creates issues. To facilitate the upgrade process, this version includes scripts and warnings that help you make sure you have upgraded all components at once.
  • Guidance helps in the process – and while services can help you, the documentation has been enhanced so that it is easier for you to plan the migration and understand the steps and work involved.
  • OIDC authentication information is now directly included RES HTDS API files that you might generate from Swagger, through an update to OpenAPI 3.0.


In a continuous effort to support you in the move to container environments, this version includes improvements to the containerized version of ODM.

  • Helm v3 support
  • Setup instructions for AKS.
  • Following customer requests, some ODM on-prem configurations are now available in the containerized version, to define different names to for several RES Console instances.

Find out more about this release in the Knowledge Center: What's new in ODM 8.10.5 - December 2020