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Introducing IBM Decision Manager Open Edition

By Lori Brown posted Fri July 29, 2022 08:08 AM


We recently announced an exciting new addition to the IBM Decisions community. IBM Decision Manager Open Edition, formerly available as Red Hat Decision Manager, is now part of the IBM Business Automation portfolio. 

A platform for developing containerized microservices and applications that automate business decisions, Decision Manager includes business rules management and complex event processing. Decision Manager is fully open source, using code from the DROOLS and Kogito projects, and provides a powerful solution for Java developers who want control and flexibility to author, test, deploy, and monitor business rules and logic.

It has a simple and cost-effective licensing model and provides DMN compliance for portability and interoperability, plus an embeddable authoring environment.


Note: for organizations that are also in need of process automation software, these capabilities are also available in IBM Process Automation Manager Open Edition.

IBM Decision Manager Open Edition, a standalone offering, complements our existing decisions offerings:

  • Operational Decision Manager, which recently released Version , is enterprise-grade, market-leading decision automation software for analyzing, automating, and governing rule-based business decisions. Both technical and business users can use its components for decision modeling, testing, and simulation. It’s proven, stable, feature rich, offering support for complex decisions and integrated systems. Available as a standalone offering and as part of the Cloud Pak for Business Automation, it provides many options for deployment (on-prem, containers, native z/OS, and SaaS)s
  • Automation Decision Services, A low-code, cloud-native decision service that enables predictive decisioning from ML models with business rules. Available as part of the Cloud Pak for Business Automation, it enables business users to initiate new automation projects without the need of IT professionals, embed Machine Learning predictions inside policy-based decisions, and assess performance with business-focused dashboards. It also uses a Git repository and standard tools to build and deploy decision services. 

We are excited about this addition and the ability to address the needs of all types of organizations.

You can learn more about IBM Decision Manager Open Edition and IBM Process Automation Manager Open Edition and at an upcoming webinar.  “What’s new in Workflow and Decisions: Open Editions” will be held on August 31, 2022 at 11:00am EDT. Register now and please join us there!