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Workflow Process Service - Fit for your purpose

By Lori Brown posted Fri July 15, 2022 03:31 PM


IBM has a rich history in business process management (BPM), helping many of the world’s top organizations manage their workflows. If you are looking for a BPM solution where you can start small and scale as your business grows, with a corresponding cost model, or to decentralize your current applications to increase flexibility, IBM Workflow Process Service might be just the solution you need.

Workflow Process Service is a single-container, small-footprint process engine, deployable per application. It is a full-function BPMN engine that can cost-effectively provide the performance your organization needs (50+ concurrent users supported on 1 VPC).

And the best part? You can get started in minutes, scale up as needed, and pay per project to fit your business priorities.  Take a look at the demo below:


A few more benefits:

Deploy and optimize per solution:

  • With a small footprint and resource usage, Workflow Process Service can be used for just a single process within the context of a larger solution, eliminating the need for large, centralized shared environments.
  • App isolation or co-location allows you to split apps into separate runtime components by process, providing flexibility to manage operations and upgrade seamlessly. Isolated runtimes deliver security, privacy, and resilience and can be tuned for different workloads (for example, maximizing throughput vs response time)

Low-code tools:

Based on the IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) code base, and available as part of the Cloud Pak for Business Automation, Workflow Process Service uses the same tools as available in the Cloud Pak, including:

  • No-code/Low-code implementation with graphical designer and point and click UI creation in Studio
  • Users can access and manage all of their tasks, activities and instances in a single, consolidated view with Workplace.
  • Access to key work management and analytic insight features available as part of the Cloud Pak for Business Automation

Compatible with IBM Business Automation Workflow:

If you have BAW, you can reuse existing skills and process artifacts from Business Automation Workflow offering.

 And if you’d like to eventually upgrade, you can add additional capabilities as needed and scale up to the full IBM Business Automation Workflow.


Ability to extend into additional automation capabilities:

As part of the Cloud Pak for Business Automation, Workflow Process Service has access to the capabilities available in the Cloud Pak for Business Automation to help you build the automation solution you need.


Get started now:

Try Workflow Process Service for 90 days:


The trial contains predefined templates and a customizable solution. Note that it requires:

- Docker Engine 19.03 or future version

- Docker Compose 1.27.3 or future version