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IBM Process Mining Analytics Tutorial

By LORENZO LUCCHI posted Thu January 13, 2022 09:53 AM


IBM Process Mining Analytics Tutorial has been published in the documentation center.
This is meant to provide practitioners with a goal-oriented picture of how Analytics work, using step-by-step concrete examples.
The tutorial explains how to configure Analytics to measure the following KPIs
  • Count KPIs (number of resources, etc.)
  • Performance KPIs (activity time and cost, path time, etc.)
  • Other Custom KPIs (amounts, ratings, payment timeliness, etc.)
  • Case-level KPIs (process time and cost, etc.).
A standard formulas repository is available as well.

You may also find additional technical articles to enrich your data analysis capabilities with IBM Process Mining:
  • Best practices to generate and map a datasource for Multilevel Process Mining analysis, in the Datasource section.
  • Level of attributes in IBM Process Mining and how to analyze each their distribution, in the Case variants section.