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Top 10 frequently asked questions when installing and configuring ODM 8.11.1

By Lawrence Louie posted Thu September 21, 2023 09:22 AM


Author: Lawrence Louie

Reviewers: Xiao Hua Lu and Alain Robert 

Q1:  Where can I find the compatibility report so I know the databases, application server, JDK, eclipse, operating system and its dependency applications that ODM version supports? 

ODM detail system requirement report can be found here.  For example, Eclipse IDE 2020-06 (4.16) is the only compatible eclipse version with Rule Designer. We also have a video that provides a walkthrough. 

Q2: How do I obtain the installation package for ODM 8.11.1?

We have an IBM ODM v8.11.1 download document which contains the list of the IBM Passport Advantage eAssembly installation images for Operational Decision Manager V8.11.1.0. You should also apply the latest fixes in your environment as well.  Stay ahead and bookmark the ODM download documents page.

Q3: How often does ODM product team release fixes on CVE issue?

IBM ODM product team releases interim fix every month to address security issues. You should update the environment with the latest interim fix. For more detail about downloading the fixes, please check here.

Q4: After logging in to the Business Console, “An error has occurred in trying to access data source 'jdbc/ilogDataSource': Not initialized. Check that the data source exists on the application server or contact your administrator” error occurs.

You would need to make sure you have created a database schema, either through the REST API or Ant task.

Q5: I am using a rule model extension defining custom properties in my rule project. What must I do during the database configuration?

The newly created Decision Center database schema needs to be initialized using the customized model extension and data extension uploaded to Decision Center.  You can update it using the Ant or Rest API.

Q6: I need to upgrade to ODM 8.11.1 from ODM 8.10.5, what should I do?

Follow the ODM 8.11.1 migration guide here.

Q7: How can I access Decision Center Enterprise Console?

Decision Center Enterprise Console has been removed in 8.11 and is replaced by Decision Center Business Console. More detail about other deprecated and removed features can be found here.   Tip: For your URLs replace /teamserver with /decisioncenter.

Q8: Where can I find the instruction to configure the ODM running on WebSphere Application Server using stand-alone profile, using a cluster environment, and its best practice?

The documentation to configure the ODM on WebSphere Application Server can found in the ODM Documentation here.

Q9: Is there a way to reduce the size of the Decision Center database and delete elements that are no longer in use? 

There is a REST API clean tool that can help cleaning up your database. This tool can help reduce the size of the database and also can help with the database performance. More details about the clean up tool can be found here

Q10: How can I have all the Rule Designer menus localized in my language?

Rule Designer is being installed into a standard Eclipse 2020-06 version. By default, it only has the English menus. You need to make sure that the languages that you need are included in your Eclipse Environment. For more detail, please check here.