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Top 10 frequently asked questions when upgrading ODM to 8.10.4

By Lawrence Louie posted Thu November 05, 2020 01:09 PM

Q1:  Where can I find the compatibility report so I know the databases and applications that ODM version supports? 

We have the software requirement report, which can be found here.  We also have a video that provides a walkthrough.

Q2: Is there any document or video
that shows me step-by-step how to upgrade from an earlier version of ODM to 8.10.4?

We have video and document that walk you through the detailed steps of how to upgrade using DB2, Oracle, and MSSQL databases  We recommend you follow the steps here.

Q3: Can I upgrad
e my Decision Center application without migrating the decision center database to the latest version?
Repository created with Decision Center 8.6 or later is compatible with later version of Decision Center.  However, it is not recommended. By not migrating the database schema to the latest version of ODM, you will miss the performance improvements and new functionality in the product. More detail can be found here

Q4: We have the schema migration for decision center.  Do we need to do schema migration in
Rule Execution Server?
There is no schema migration needed for the RES database. However, you might need to re-deploy your RuleApps. The current RuleApp format is fully compatible only with V8.7.0 and upwards when you use the classic rule engine. Rulesets that use the decision engine prior to V8.8.0 are not compatible with V8.10.4 More detail can be found here

Do the Decision Center and Decision Server modules needs to be on the same version?
It is recommended that ODM Decision Center and Decision Server be on the same version. You can do the upgrade using the ODM rolling upgrade strategy. 

Q6: Is there
a way to clean up the database and delete elements that are no longer in use? 
There is a decision archiving tool that can help clean up your database. This tool can help reduce the size of the database and also can help with the database performance. More details about the archiving tool can be found here

Q7: I am using
a rule model extension defining custom properties in my rule project. What must I do during the database schema migration?
The newly created Decision Center database schema needs to be initialized using the customized model extension and data extension uploaded to Decision Center. 

Q8: Can my business user upda
te the rules when the database migration is taking place?
Business users should not modify the rules when the database migration is taking place.

Q9: Will my data
be removed when I am migrating the Decision Center database?
The migration basically copies the data from the existing schema to the newly created schema, so no data will be removed. 

Q10: What are different way
s to migrate the Decision Center database schema in ODM?
You can either do the migration using the ant task or use the REST API.  The REST API feature is available starting 

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