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Configure ODM on Kubernetes with an Azure AD Service (OpenID provider)

By LAURENT GRATEAU posted Tue October 18, 2022 12:38 PM

Azure Active Directory is a secure identity cloud that links all your apps, logins and devices into a unified digital fabric. Microsofty Azure sells centralized services, including a single sign-on service that allows users to log into a variety of systems.

This is the service that we use in the tutorial introduced by this article.

  • Creating an Azure AD instance
  • Configuring Azure AD for ODM to manage groups and users, as well as the OpenID configuration
  • Deploying an ODM on Kubernetes instance configured with this Azure AD instance


    • Access to the Operational Decision Manager product.
    • Access to a certified Kubernetes cluster
    • A browser

    Here is a video (25 min) of the steps explained in the tutorial.

    Follow this link to the ODM on Kubernetes with Azure AD tutorial.

    Hope this helps you on your ODM on Kubernetes journey!